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  • vestigal limb – divine wind – grimeology

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    A new forty minutes worth of prayers to the reaper from Kentucky spectre Vestigial Limb. The first side shows a new direction for the project with one dense and smoldering dynamic burn tunnel, slowly consumed by undead tone. Side B returns to the traditional Limb mixture of harsh snarl and gnash crossbred with sick dog electronics. The gust of air that rushes in after the tomb has been penetrated. 
    Transparent red cassettes with 2-color screenprinted labels and a red cardstock insert. 
    Numbered edition of 40. 

  • joshua mcabee and the (7/13) moon – the future said the past was never present – grimeology

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    a long, shamanistic sonic journey from michigan underspace dweller joshua mcabee. sounds of both familiar and curious origin combine in lo fi vignettes to carry the brain through murky pathways with no end. for fans of michigan underground basement muck style.
    white cassettes with black & white & yellow artwork and diamond (7/13) labels. numbered edition of 50 copies.

  • celestial indifference – molehill witchtrial – grimeology

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    thunderous harsh noise with a stark industrial undercurrent from arizona’s celestial indifference. one side of thick and overdriven harsh microphone refuse with buried vocal attacks, and one side of crusted tape loop scum that evolves into a dense wall of distortion.
    white cassettes with black & white artwork and painted & charcoaled labels. numbered edition of 50 copies.