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  • v manuscript – black pageant – gross domestic product

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    V MANUSCRIPT (Eli of humanbeast, male submission, our lady..etc) nine songs of Organ for performance. Repetitive, alluring, dark.
    Poetic Violence and the Androgynous Mind.
    “the cruelty in his luster, the charming fable of her vileness, ‘ENJOY THE CONTAGION!’ i cried…, and fell silent.”
    “I’m so lost in the human irrelevance, posing for a novel. So unyieldingly natural, so things matter.”

  • scream mask – basement yuks – gross domestic product

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    Scream Mask is a one man band featuring Sack Town Son and now Mayoral candidate of Barf City, Robert Pickle, ex- Sexy Prison, ex- Chastity Wig. If you’re going to choogle through a shuffling malaise, do it with the best! Lots of people nowadays drop echo on a whisper or moan, which makes 100% no sense– Scream Mask drops echoey shouts that really resonate through a literal basement that he pays rent on. Thin white man playing drum machine and guitar, sort of like the audition part of Purple Rain. One time he played and gave out sandwiches between songs. Then: “This is the last song. It’s called ‘I Farted On The Sandwiches’.”. This is what we’re dealing with.
    Six songs that are actual songs.
    Tape has no cover.