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  • forest management & fontaine – colour & light – hacktivism records

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    The first time I heard Forest Management was on his beautiful release “Reservation” which came out on Death Rehearsal. John Daniel of Forest Management creates a very smooth brand of ambient and drone. John does a perfect job at delivering the full package; from the names of his albums and songs to the packaging artwork I am taking a step in his shoes and feeling what it is like to be him for a brief period.

    After becoming familiar with his music a little, I was able to catch a Forest Management performance at a backyard show in Ypsilanti, MI. I was taken by the simple elegance of his performance and how friendly and welcoming he was on stage, with a few tape players and a mixer he was able to create a very exciting show. After that we asked John to make a piece for our Halloween Compilation and he created “Candy Coma/Piles of Leaves”. Since then he has released full lengths “Sharper Focus” and “Encounter” as well working on many other projects.

    When John came to us with this project it was the first I had heard of Bristol based minimal ambient artist Fontaine but I have to say he makes a perfect match to Forest Management. The side flow effortlessly together, as if the two worked in the same room on the release, not in different countries. Check out his most recent release on Inner Ocean Records “Impossible Walls”.

  • opaline – open source – hacktivisim records

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    Hunter Peter Thompson AKA Opaline has been a workhorse in the synth/ambient community since his beginnings; self releasing his first few tapes in 2012. Consistently releasing one great release after another Opaline has an astonishing track record; working with esteemed tape labels like Phinery, Constellation Tatsu, and most recently Psychic Troubles. His new release “Open Source” is more akin to the early 2015 release “Memory Drain”, starting out with an audacious synth jam then eventually enveloping into warm synthesized ambience as the tape winds down. Hunter explores the most plentiful virtual real estate that surrounds us daily; “Open Source” revels in chilling dreaminess that can only stem from the cold world of data farms and cyberlinks. The perfect soundtrack to the tired eyes of 4AM after a long day of security breaching global networks while running your online warehouse. Take a virtual vacation with this binary bliss!
    released August 28, 2015

    Written & Recorded at Sky Plaza by Hunter Peter Thompson

    Art & Design by euglossine