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  • aaron dilloway – radio nepal vol 1, 2 & 3 – hanson records

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    3 cdr released separately, packaged together in this used lot.

  • aaron dilloway – after the showers – hanson

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    Cassette of multiple pre-mixes and re-mixes of the track “AFTER THE SHOWERS” as well as raw material tracks from the track “TREMORS” both originally from my MODERN JESTER 2xLP.

    C-90, Limited to 200 copies.

  • aaron dilloway – concealed – hanson records

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    Reissue of 2007 LP on No Fun. A side and B-side of original LP are edited back together into one long track. Also contains 4 (previously released) bonus tracks.

    1. Concealed
    2. Medusa
    3. Rotting Dolly
    4. Medusa
    5. Return To Xanex

    All tracks recorded 2006 in Ann Arbor.

    c-90 (program repeats on both sides)

  • aaron dilloway – post live at coda lunga – hanson records

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    Crowd noise to me is one of the most psychedelic and disorienting sound there is… Much like the sound of water, busy diners and crowds of people speaking in a language I don’t understand is total abstract noise for me. I LOVE IT! There is nothing to follow and everything is constantly moving in infinite directions.

    This tape is a recording of my subliminal DJ set AFTER my recent set this past summer at CODA LUNGA in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Excerpted from two sets consisting of me playing one song on repeat for roughly 45 minutes each, so quietly that that it could barely be heard, but loud enough that the vibe of the song still very much created an atmosphere. Was fun to sit back and watch people as they realized they had been listening to the same thing over and over for almost an hour. Ultimate disorientation crowd sound with a grounding base of looped mellow night music tracks.

    C-30, Limited to 200 copies.

  • sick llama – born again to die – hanson

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    ‘There are a lot of mugz you don’t wanna know,: VD doctors, the Grim Reaper, the inside of a Fed Ex body bag, ex-mates, cops, silence, dentists, republicans, country music stars, …list goes on and on….THEN= there are mugz you just want to get some sunshine from- you know who they are= just plain rad mugz, stokerz= and i gotta say….the Michigan Crew has Sick Llama’z BACK…..Heath AKA Juice AKA Fag Heath AKA Morellama= is just a ball of huge eyeballing goodness..how can you be mad at him? We used to have heavy skate shred sessions with the goofball and he would destroy the streetz, and still be smiling at the end, never breaking a sweat. You want this dude on your team. And you want the soundtrack to your boiling brain to be his Born Again to Die. Its got this amazing kinda arms-up-in-air-i-give-up-what-is -this-godamnn -sound style beaming through it. Heath man….dude aint really gonna give any clues back….cant count how many timez the crew has cornered the mug and been like: ‘Yo man….what the hell is going on inside ‘Live Birth’ ?’ Did you just record cars under an overpass and slow it down?

  • Andrew coltrane- hanson records

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    Metals, synths, and electronics masterfully mixed into 2 sides of dark horror from this mysterious and prolific Michigan figure.

  • christopher riggs – draco – hanson records

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    An excellent cassette to make you feel sea sick from the guitarist of TRAUM. The A side sounds more like a thick metal cable fluttering in the wind than a guitar. Nauseating low end fluttering waves interrupted by occasional high end frantic scratches which sounds like amplified birds cleaning themselves on the wire. The B side is a barrage of high end squeals and squeaks, metallic whistles, flapping insects, stabbing needles, knife sharpening, baby animals crying, wild boar breathing, paper ripping, and moreā€¦ all made with a guitar! A truly FUCKED UP recording!