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  • herbcraft – discovers the bitter water of agartha – hello sunshine

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    December 2009: Days after returning to Maine following three heavy months on the road, Blows Against the Empire in one hand, Admiral Richard Byrd’s secret diary in the other, Matthew Lajoie (Cursillistas) awoke one morning having dreamt the existence of a lost 1973 concept record about the exploration of inner Earth and the advanced civilization thriving at its center–Agartha, the domain of the Arianni. Using Byrd’s account as the thematic framework for the album, he feverishly poured forth a representation of the imagined record, writing and recording the entire LP in a single 24-hour period–guided by sonic Ouija.

    The result is a cosmic antenna with dials tuned to the Planet Earth Rock ‘n’ Roll Orchestra, obscure psych-prog spacecasts, and classic rock radio, all refracted through the dusty, cracked and scratched Cursillistas prism. Performed entirely on a borrowed thrift store electric guitar and broken microphone, Herbcraft Discovers the Bitter Water of Agartha was birthed in the Now to scatter the seeds of Agartha’s message in our Aquarian Dark Age. Limited to 500 copies.

  • jovontaes – things are different here – hello sunshine

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    “Jovantaes are Lexington, KY. They emerge from (and possibly define) my town’s peculiar skate/Kraut/nihil/garage axis, evoking the smell of stale Miller High Life and burning couches: stumbling match-grip surf rolls, howling chorused-out guitar, droning Adderall haze, and a singer who makes Will Shatter sound like Scott Walker. Imagine Moolah playing at a beach party on the edge of the Kentucky River, big gray globs of unidentifiable garbage drifting silently past and the dense wet air becomes gridlocked with mosquitoes”- Trevor Tremaine (Hair Police)

    The current line up, and longest running, consists of Mark Murray on guitar and electronics, Reid Small on drums and vocals, and Josh Blaine playing bass and home modified electronics. Recorded mostly at Small’s Void Skateshop in Lexington, “Things Are Different Here” is a fresh look at the future of underground improvised music.

  • the polyps – ants on the golden cone – hello sunshine

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    Raf Spielman was born and raised on the West Coast. He is active in the fringe music community through his Eggy Records label, and has released music on the Night-People, Digitalis and Not Not Fun labels, among others. After a handful of cassettes and a 7″ under the Polyps moniker, this debut LP is his most realized statement to date, having been assembled from a year and half’s worth of sound and field recordings. “It’s never right, because it doesn’t have everything in it,” de Kooning. A book of his drawings was recently published by Container Corps Arts Press.