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  • forced collapse – consider the weather a failure – holy cheever church

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    Liz Allbee – Trumpet, Electronics
    Christopher Riggs – Guitar

    Chris: “I think I should start a label.”
    Ben: “Yeah, you should.”
    50 releases later Cheever is still struggling to carve out it’s own path through the New American Improvisation highway without aping* the fine work at Broken Research. I couldn’t think of a better recording to release on vinyl in celebration of Cheever reaching the big FIVE OH. After spending the last 49 releases attempting to imitate the sounds of trumpets and broken down Michigan electronics on my effects-pedal-less guitar while keeping one foot in the High-Concept-Art-Recording-Is-Performance-And-I-Have-Good-Reasons-For-Using-Antiquated-Media zone, I sit down for one recording session with trumpeter Liz Allbee and she gets inside my brain to anticipate every move I’m going to make. So much for re-contextualizing extended trumpet techniques with the sounds of Michigan basements when she’s already doing it for me.
    LP edition of 250
    -holy cheever