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  • mt tjhris – amethyst cave – holy page records

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    New Age dream drones from England’s darkest cave. Close your eyes and let the purple float around you.

  • scald hymn – primary hilts – holy page records

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    Scald Hymn is Northampton, Massachusetts resident Erik Brown. Brown Creates brain rattling mind melting sophisticated harsh noise, get zonked by this monolithic wallop!

  • grey keeper – hills – holy page records

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    Synthesis prone and muddled with noise, Grey Keeper’s jams are a unique blend of lo-fi drama and textural soundscapes. Currently residing in post industrial New Jersey Grey Keeper keeps the machines moving.

  • sk kakraba band – holy page records

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    Son of world-renowned master xylophonist Kakraba Lobi, S.K. Kakraba Lobi began practicing xylophone at a young age. Specializing on gyil, a Ghanaian instrument constructed of wooden slats placed atop Calabash Gourds, S.K. has become a master musician and craftsman. Upon moving to Los Angeles S.K. met bassist Aaron M Olson and assembled a full band. Together, SK and his band have done a west coast tour and frequently play out in the Los Angeles metro area. Get ready to feel the water move inside you as the gyil melodies bring balance to your body and mind.