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  • burlin mud – gored gourd – human conduct records

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    vanity field recordings of mythologists Frau Butterface, Tron Javolta, & Wiggpaw (all three members of the Kuu club, Skarekrau Radio) – sap from two mutated rooms (zip code unknown) of endless life- dress and unfold the drift of foggy sound before the vanishing act – Mud Dynamics is Transformative Sound. pregnant illusions are invited to expand. no rush. no eleventh hour. inner access point of creation is a lightbulb, or a string of seasonal lights. diminish and augment. swollen sources of esoteric origins.
    31 minute cassette times 2
    Chrome bias. real time dub.
    8 page art booklet in white vinyl album.
    limited to 34 copies.

  • dinner music – christopher scripture

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    it’s the OST to a movie by Wendy J. Hyatt I helped make called “untitled film no. 1, 2010: class project, winter term”

  • innerfare – dirty doubler

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    92 minute cassette
    Inner Fare is Jeff Zagers & myself.
    The first side is an excerpt of our seemingly endless “drums on tape” composition entitled “Dirty Doubler”. Also bearing the name of Dirty Doubler is a sound installation, a Family Visions movie, an object (or two), and a festival in St. Louis.
    The second side is an introduction to our philosophy. Musical moments captured between our initial “meeting of the minds” in Mt. Airy, Maryland, May 2009 up until a Florida excursion laced with pure luck in February 2011. This side also features Alex Hampshire, Ben Kelley, Noah Anthony, & Kylie Lance.
    limited to 30 copies

  • femme tops – full shock

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    The OST to the movie SHOCK by Kipp Whittaker & Rick Weaver based on the short story SHOCK by Alex Hampshire.
    Evan Lipson: bass
    Alex Hampshire: voice, keys, sax
    Rick Weaver: tom & hi-hat, brass, keys, voice, tapes
    recorded by Nick Skrobisz