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  • mike shiflet – seagulls -hyperdelic

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    Another outstanding outing from this Ohio native. Grains circle and spit up dust in a full on attack of the cerebral senses. Long, subtle low drones reveal themselves in hugely abundant musical textures. Very close attention paid to every detail and the mix of it all is just top notch. There is really any more I can say about this. Its Mike Shiflet and it rules in the Mike Shiflet kinda zone. Limited to 75 copies on a green tinted shell with full color J-Card and an additional insert by the artist

  • red electric rainbow – night vision – hyperdelic

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    Two sides of blasting sequences. Rich, analog synthesizers create pastel like textures that twinkle and twist in the full stereo sound. Fast paced panic is paralyzing and the climax is similar to that of DMT. Side B is much more subtle and dreamlike. Limited to 75 copies on purple tinted cassettes with full color J-Card.

  • seabat – no wake – hyperdelic

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    The debut release from the Ohio/NY project Seabat. This is a polyphonic madhouse. Huge chord progressions surrounded by a sea of light and precise filtering. Notes twinkle in their own zones on this one. Hidden beats and rhythmic patterns sputter along. This is long player, but does not feel so. If you light up and listen to this, consider your mind blown. Wear headphones for you listening pleasures. This is limited to 50 copies on completely clear cassettes with full color J-Cards and an additional insert from the artist.

  • netherfriends – alap – hyperdelic

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    Chicago’s Shawn Rosenblatts Netherfriends project has been touring this great country of ours almost non-stop for as long as I have know him. Stopping back in Chicago only briefly, he managed to take a break from his 50 Songs in States concept to make an album of heavy drones and sonic architecture. Recorded in seven days, these seven tracks are filled with polyphonic keys, shimmering guitars, piano trills, and quiet chirps to make for a relaxing listen. This is a huge departure from most Netherfriends albums, leaving the pop at Pitchfork Fest and coming out for an ambient night at your local DIY loft space. Limited to 75 copies on clear cassettes with a smoke shell insert and full color J-Card. Also, comes with an additional insert with art by the artist.