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  • riviere amur – bois flotté- i had an accident

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    Rivière Amur is the latest project from Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier(felicia atkinson) and Inez Lightfoot. A collaboration featuring some very interesting field recordings and slowed sounds. Like a bubbling brook or a trickling stream on an island of lost souls. The packaging compliments this release with icy cassettes and a desolate image of a person hugging a tree in the midsts of a forest dead to winter. Calming and isolated calls of the desperate air amidst eerie noises and whispers. The feeling of being lost in a vast forest as waves of sounds and capturing textures surround you. Beauty can only be buried within the heart crying for a body to encapsulate it. Expanding each moment further and further away until forgotten. Limited to 70 chrome tapes on wintery blue tint/silver tinsel. Mp3 download with purchase.

  • heart heart julia – whisper my name – i had an accident records

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    Spending two years to record, and following similar patterns and methods to the 2009 Love and Be Judge album, Whisper My Name marks the bands continued presence into the abyss. With sounds that are hard to identify coupled with sparse dulcimer recordings and guitar plucking, the album takes a tone of sullen hollowness. Justin allows his voice to be heard at the beginning and end of the album, offering partially original lyrics and the distinct humming reminscent of The Astorians. The overall feel in this album is nostalgic in nature. Recalling heart break and understanding the concept of getting over it to understand what the future holds, Whisper My Name is deeply experimental and revealing. Atmospheric calmness spans the tape from the coolness of George Dutton. The turmoil of chaos calmed emotionally. Limited to 28 cassettes.

  • a.p. felix – electronic tonalities – i had an accident records

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    Inspired by electronic components and the early history of electronic music/sound, A.P. Felix constructs Electronic Tonalities. The 37 minute experiment pays tribute to the pioneers of the genre and is programmed on modular synthesizers and other hardware synthesizers. The end result features blips of atmospheric waves and tones that gently dance with layers of synth and beats. Felix masters the modular components and develops a rare style of historical significance.
    “Superchrome” tape was used in making this album.

  • je suis le petit chevalier / elevator boy / denmother / bears on parade – brief obsessions – i had an accident

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    Brief Obsessions offers four artists producing 15 minutes of musical sound on a double c32 cassette. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is from Belgium and has produced many albums across multiple formats and labels. In the dark and tropical forest you will hunt for mistakes, sleep, blood, hair, silver, breath, sun, and meat – with Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier you will find buried deep within the expressions of a tortured soul. Elevator Boy is from Toronto Canada. Elevator Boy produces ambient drone, guitar manipulation, long walks and red eyed boredom. Simplicity within madness. DenMother also hails from Canada – the sweet little girl that was once referred to as ORPHAN has grown into a new gown. Layered oiled drones dark and inhibited with haunting drum beats and chanting vocals. Bears on Parade calls Utah home. A distant place known for desolation and cold winters. Minimalistic glitter fight with your favorite people – Bears on Parade finds you buried in the cold.

  • clearing – scratch – i had an accident

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    Scratch is the latest release by Tennessee’s Clearing. The minimalistic structure and composition continues with lush tones and ambience. The album is calming, it ebbs and flows deep within your inner core. It creates sensations, quite similar to the feeling of goosebumps rising on your arms and legs. Each track is its own sensation, a timeless moment caught on tape and produces the effect of a dream-like state. I imagine myself washing my face in the summer sun, allowing the rays of light splash my skin with the water as all my troubles melt away. Limited to 50 c42 cassettes

  • ki choquette – the glimmer of a movement in the stillness of water – i had an accident

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    Ki Choquette’s label debut The Glimmer Of A Movement In The Stillness Of Water was all recorded in a converted barn studio on a tascam 4-track using a couple guitars in alternate tunings… yes, and the end result is an extremely blissful piece of music. The guitar trickles softly like a whispered hum and the soft touch of an ice cube gently caressing the naked body. The smoothness of the album illustrates Choquette’s thoughtful construction of soothing melodies and dreamy progressions. A perfect album for an evening drive through the country as rain subtly falls from the sky. Limited to 28 on electric blue tapes.

  • teaadora – a jermais vierge / virgin forever – i had an accident

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    Virgin Forever is a journey of minimalistic folk sounds of TEAADORA. The intimacy of this release is so pronounced, the confessionalist poet allows the listener to feel and be part of the tragedy of life. With somber guitar pieces and an angelic voice so rare and delicate, you listen for the moment when everything will break. The warble haze of raw emotion and inner struggle balances the softness and floods of loudness of this mysterious album. Released by I had An Accident Records on cassette tape and coming soon to Hot Releases on 12″ vinyl. Theatre Intangible (Nashville) calls her “an incredibly rare talent.” Limited to 200 copies on ivory cassettes.

  • julia ladense – destinations – i had an accident

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    Julia LaDense presents Destinations… a series of soundscapes that bridge pure beauty with blissful experimentation. A rare stretch from the more harsh side of this soccer mom – Destinations is relaxing and at times breathtaking. Originally released on Revolving Door Records as a free digital release, the tape version features an alternate track listing and beautiful artwork. Limited to 18 on clear/black foil cassettes and chrome tape.

  • sao with blood blood – hollow earth – i had an accident

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    A relaxing hum of ambient sound. The buzzing of the air conditioner, the languid movement of the drapes in the summer’s wind coming through the screen door, breezing across your cool wet skin. The tender vibes of a surreal summer’s passing. Sao produces a sentiment of nostalgia and lost adornment. A combined presence of Blood Blood rounds out the album and adds a delicate texture of soothing sounds and harsh coolness. Limited to 25 on yellow cassettes and chrome tape.

  • fear konstructor – green river shores – i had an accident

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    A buzzing feeling of electricity fills the room. The movement of emotion and the humming sound of electrons bouncing back and forth against each other. Finding a void and channelling from one side of your brain to the other. A synapsis or controlled experiment. The force of electricity becomes overwhelming… shocking. Green River Shores takes on the presence of tossing the hair dryer into the bathtub – a lightning rod struck inside the pool… the calm moments before the storm… the heat lightning off in the distance dancing in the night sky as it slowly follows the thunderous clouds and the downpouring of rain. Fear Konstruktor captures these moments superbly with this limited edition c32 tape.