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  • tom white – corrugated – imminent frequencies

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    Tom White is a London-based artist working in the areas of sound, installation and film. Following recent releases on Chocolate Monk and My Dance The Skull, White presents an intricate collage of manipulated found and appropriated sounds taken from a series of concrète reel to reel tape experiments recorded throughout 2012 and 2013.

  • remnants – tonal fragments – imminent frequencies

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    Remnants is the tape music project of Ryan Marino (Imminent Frequencies) and after some time “Tonal Fragments” is Remnants’ return to IF. Using only the sounds of crude cassette tape loops, “Fragments” presents seven minimal compositions of hiss and decay that are informed by a sense of shifting currents and glacial passages. A haunting lullaby of collaged entropy and aural grit form the most fully realized release from this project to date.

  • chapels – call it killing you off – imminent frequencies

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    If you have ever wondered what it would sound like to sneak into an abandoned Victorian mansion during a blizzard this is it. Translucent voices, bits of metal debris, found sounds and what sounds like some percussion all meld into a collage of frigid archaic beauty. When not running his House of Alchemy label Adam Richards has stayed rather busy the last couple of years maintaining a strong body of work with his Chapels project, creating hauntingly striking sound compositions. Like many Chapels releases the sounds within are opaque and eerie often hard to decipher but I think I like it better that way.

  • black cop – black cop – imminent frequencies

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    Dennis Meade has been perfecting his own style of lo-fi noise for quite sometime. While most of his output until recently has consisted of very limited cd-rs handed out amongst friends, it wasn’t until last years “Santorum I” tape that Dennis’s output became available to wider audience. On his first release under Black Cop, Meade utilizes heart monitors, synths, contact mics and sampled voices to create both walls of pulsating static-feedback and ominous dark drones. A far cry from the Badalamenti drones of Santorum, this is by far the harshest release on Imminent to date.