inner islands

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  • selaroda – viaje a través de sonidos transportative – inner islands

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    “Journey music: to faraway lands, higher states, and alternate dimensions. Capturing microscopic and macroscopic phenomena and transforming them into sonic explorations. These pieces were inspired by the idea of sharing earthly creations with lifeforms from elsewhere in the cosmos. And to those on Earth, may these sounds be nourishing to the mind, body, and spirit.”

    Music and artwork by Michael Henning.
    Mastering and layout by Sean Conrad.

  • ki oni – elephas – inner islands

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    “Inspired by a resonance with Sumatran elephants, Ki Oni summons forth lush soundscapes teeming with enough life to resemble their verdant Indonesian home. Each sample is carefully cut, looped, or manipulated to feel at home on this wet, green dancefloor.”

    Music by Ki Oni
    Mastered by Hays Holladay
    Artwork by Peter Lawrence
    Layout by Sean Conrad

  • orra – into the wind – inner islands

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    “The long untold night between scenes of folklore, and the breath and ridged back of elements unseen.”

    Orra is Jennifer Williams and Sean Conrad.

    Art and music by Orra.

  • dragontime – inner islands

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    Album produced, recorded, and mixed by Robin MacMillan
    at Media Blitz East.

    Kephera Moon: synthesizers, vocals
    Robin MacMillan: percussion, bass, guitar

    All songs written by Kephera Moon except:
    “Matty Groves” (traditional)
    “Sombra Sola” (Kephera Moon/Kyle Madrigal)
    “Ride That Train” (Moon/Madrigal)

    Artwork by Alexis Amann.
    Cassette layout by Sean Conrad.

    This is a re-issue of a cdr previously released by Psychic Arts Records in 2012.

  • hear hums – malaise – inner islands

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    “Ominous melancholy precipitated by the sickening status quo.”

    Music: Kenzie Cooke and Mitch Myers
    Art and mastering: Mitch Myers

  • ashan – magic life celebration – inner islands

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    “Motions ayeward. Acknowledging fear, yet striving towards positivity full force.”

  • hakobune / oliwa / former selves / panabrite – oceanic triangulation – inner islands

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    c22 + c37 cassette

    “Reflection, buoyance, serenity, and wonder.”

    Music by Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite.
    Photography by Marlene Parra.
    Artwork and layout by Sean Conrad.
    released 25 August 2014

  • ki oni – autumn, in reel time – inner islands

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    “Colors abounding. delightful warming against the brisk breeze and maple leaves.”
    released 07 June 2014

    Music by Ki Oni.
    Mastered by Ilya Lavrenov.
    Artwork by Peter Lawrence.
    Tape layout by Sean Conrad.