inner islands

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  • matthew barlow – hatha – inner islands

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    Just being, without striving. A place of stillness.”

    For Martha

    Recorded at home Jan – Mar, 2016
    Produced, performed, arranged by Matthew Barlow

    Mastering and artwork by Sean Conrad

    Matthew Barlow:
    field recordings, soft synths, flute

  • channelers – essex – inner islands

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    “Promoting a neutral space in favor of nurturing one’s physicality.”

    Music by Channelers
    Cover photo by Rosa Beach-Mason
    Layout and inside photo by Sean
    Recorded January – July 2015
    Thanks to RBM, ZBG, M+D, and Essex

  • softest – six wishes – inner islands

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    “Gentle rain on a dark green landscape. A warmth to gather yourself around.”

    music by braden j mckenna
    art, field recordings, and mastering by sean conrad

  • kyle landstra – jeweled moon codex – inner islands

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    “Core-of-the-self meditations affected by a long winter, emotions waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon.”

    Recorded in February and March of 2016 in a live setting without overdubs by use of Yamaha QY100, Waldorf Micro Q, Yamaha TX802, and Roland JV2080 coupled with a Line 6 Echo Pro and Alesis Midiverb II for effects.

    Mastered by Kevin Hein.
    Artwork by Sean Conrad.

    Music for swinging doors.

  • inner travels – clear seeing – inner islands

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    There were specific natural, geographical visions which guided and inspired the music on ‘Clear Seeing.’ This is not unusual, as Inner Travels often pursues sounds that evoke some imagery whenever attempting to create music. But for this album, the visions were among the clearest. Some of them were of real places he had visited: a field at dawn, geese flying off the ice shelf of a small lake at dusk. Some remain experienced only through the mind’s eye.”

    Music by S. Targo.
    Recorded June 2015-February 2016 at The Corner Room, Lake Geneva, WI; and Celestion, Pell Lake, WI.
    Mastered at Celestion.
    Artwork by Sean Conrad.
    Special thanks to Sean Conrad & my family.

  • tuluum shimmering – the sky tree – inner islands

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    ” . . … .. . .”
    Artwork by Tuluum Shimmering. Layout by Sean Conrad. Pro-dubbed tapes in o-card sleeves.

  • selaroda – viaje a través de sonidos transportative – inner islands

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    “Journey music: to faraway lands, higher states, and alternate dimensions. Capturing microscopic and macroscopic phenomena and transforming them into sonic explorations. These pieces were inspired by the idea of sharing earthly creations with lifeforms from elsewhere in the cosmos. And to those on Earth, may these sounds be nourishing to the mind, body, and spirit.”

    Music and artwork by Michael Henning.
    Mastering and layout by Sean Conrad.

  • ki oni – elephas – inner islands

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    “Inspired by a resonance with Sumatran elephants, Ki Oni summons forth lush soundscapes teeming with enough life to resemble their verdant Indonesian home. Each sample is carefully cut, looped, or manipulated to feel at home on this wet, green dancefloor.”

    Music by Ki Oni
    Mastered by Hays Holladay
    Artwork by Peter Lawrence
    Layout by Sean Conrad

  • orra – into the wind – inner islands

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    “The long untold night between scenes of folklore, and the breath and ridged back of elements unseen.”

    Orra is Jennifer Williams and Sean Conrad.

    Art and music by Orra.

  • braeyden jae – turnings – inner islands

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    “sparse electric guitar strums, generous reverb, and warmly looped vinyl crackle.”

    music and album art by braeyden jae.
    mastered by sean conrad.