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  • mechanick preachers – self untitled

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    a side – self untitled
    b side – inner station

    mystery group with only one other track released on the Upstairs radio scenic glow vol. 1 cdr compilation.
    two side long tracks.
    side one is a frentic blown out percussive piece that at first made me start to think it was just another noise meets electronica release but quickly realized this is some deeper more murky basement jamming shit, nice.
    b side definitely stays in basement jammer mode but way more doped out & crusty. slow and thick.

  • henry glovre

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    mystery tape with no info,
    that is probably deserving of a sound sample. and in fact i could throw down a 30 second sample of this tape thatd totally make you buy it but then youd get it and wonder what the fuck happened to that sample you heard cause this aint nothing like that.
    The whole is greater and its a slow burn that starts off as solo bathtub solitude and ends up in some heady deep party jam for a haze filled living room that you dont remember how you got to or who the fuck is sitting across from you but the numbness rolling across yr skull feels just right and as long as the acid fried beats keep rolling in like waves on the shore the dolphin squeals work just right to put you in deep.

  • madalyn merkey – goddess of the horizon

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    The Goddess of the Horizon” is Madalyn Merkey’s second release and it’s kind of a companion piece to her
    “Lavender Tattooer” but definitely sounds totally unlike her previous tape. This one is really vveird!
    On Goddess, homegirl busts out the lopsided tape loop rhythms, gloopy drum machine work, and alien dubstep.
    Sounds alternatively like Joe Meek instrumentals fed through a woodchipper and new age training video music.
    The swirlier, drone-heavy ballet moments remind me of Francis Seyrig’s score for “Last Year at Marienbad”
    as performed by a 12-year old boy during a thunderstorm. An extraordinary, zoned-out expression, lunar landing.
    Includes beautiful fold-out artwork of trance-inducing staircases to accompany your ascent.