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  • rale – some kissed charms that would not protect them – isounderscore

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    originally from the bay area and currently residing in los angeles (the latter of where he’s spent most of the past decade recording and performing along the west coast), william hutson has been a longtime stalwart of the american synth and experimental noise underground quietly releasing small-run works on respected labels such as monorail trespassing, ekhein, arbor, peasant magik, and jugular forest among others. “some kissed charms that would not protect them” over two side-long pieces effectively straddles between orchestral crumar analog synth string swells, noise, field recordings, and experimental modern day minimalism. the attention and monumental focus on composition and movements within each piece is extremely evident as well as hutson’s knowledge and command of modular analog synthesis. housed in deluxe fluorescent blue jackets with silver foil-stamped artwork (clebsch graph) by brandon nickell. limited to 300 copies.