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  • jonas frederiksen – 360 – light tapes

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    light tapes 05
    reissue of cdr originally put out by relax with nature.
    dream zone, hovering in the twilight consciousness between wake and sleep.
    long loved at tomentosa hq; a frequent soundtrack to mornings where the mist is hanging on the mountains and the landscape is drenched in a diffuse damp light.
    limited to 25 copies

  • om rivur yarrow – light tapes

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    light tapes 04
    original release was as Housecraft recordings 01
    first release on housecraft, reissued on cassette.
    Very few have heard this release and who knows where the very few copies of this ended up.
    light tapes is ecstatic to reissue this, this is where it all started for housecraft recordings, a label that has gone on to put out some amazing releases. What’s even more amazing is how solid this first release is, Housecraft headman jeffry astin has been dialed in since the beginning.
    limited to 50 copies, hand dubbed in the dar house.

  • chiliad – wilderness of mirrors – light tapes

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    light tapes 03
    “Organ elation from John Cromar, overtone city.” – sickhead

    Originally a very limited cdr release on the wonderful Sick Head label.
    Released during the cdr onslaught of the mid 2000s, this one faded out quick and there’s no discogs entry so Ive been wanting to reissue this for a while. Really glad we were able to do so.
    Very minimal; John seems to focus in on a sound and really dive into it which eventually puts the listener in some deep zones. In my head there’s some equation with a lot of the noise recordings from the same time. But it’s noise without the noise; the same affect, the same rawness but clean and simple and concentrated.
    this is the only release under the chiliad moniker, but John Cromar has put out a significant amount of releases as Noma(worth checking out), mostly on the kovorox sound label.
    limited to 15 copies.