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  • hybrid palms – rainbow breeze – lilerne tapes

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    Excited to be releasing the debut cassette from Hybrid Palms out of Russia. With a good handful of digital releases on hand, most recently one through Metaphysical Circuits, I’m honored to be putting what I consider to be essential cassette music onto a cassette. In a fast-moving 36 minutes, Rainbow Breeze offers beautifully drifting melodies that float over tasteful bits of static and immersive field recordings, calmly warbling and rolling their way to someplace completely captivating and other. Distant rhythms, the sound of nighttime wildlife, and the kind of warm, expansive melodies that truly put a listener at ease. Another world caught on tape. Edition of 50 home dubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes.

  • body lvl – petri – lilerne tapes

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    Petri begins and ends with a clatter of cord noise and the sounds of input jacks clearly missing their mark—as if you’re being plugged into a secret radio station for which the broadcast has no known origin. Will Kaufhold and Mehta Youngs spin thick, hypnotic trails of synthesizer and processed buzz, creating an intense and engrossing set of drones and moody ambient works. This is not a background chiller, but a cassette for reflecting and reacting to the building and crumbling of each layer of sound as it comes your way. Edition of 50 home-dubbed chrome/Type II cassettes.

  • clearing – differences – lilerne tapes

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    A year ago, Lillerne had the pleasure of releasing Be There, an 80 minute epic from Joseph Volmer’s Clearing project. It was a patient and nuanced ode to what Volmer’s been able to do with space, mood, and melody—taking these things and stretching and molding them without the need of force or superfluous accents. A year later, Differences represents an even more refined and intricate ability to create ambient music that’s as poignant and impressive as any I’ve heard before. Each song on this cassette has the depth and density to effortlessly draw a listener close, and the overall pace and chill-inducing buildup and release of this cassette is a must hear. Beautiful songs from one of my favorite musical projects. A big cassette for the year’s end that’s uplifting and melancholy in equal measure. Edition of 75 homedubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes. Artwork by Jan van der Kleijn.