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  • patrick piper – in the aureole of lowness – lillerne tapes

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    In The Aureole Of Lowness begins with five distinct, resonant tones. They sound like church bells, but their origin is not exactly certain. Throughout the course of the cassette, these deceptively simple sounds are cut, manipulated, layered and reworked into a powerfully meditative piece of music. The clarity and deliberateness of this manipulation lends an importance to every newly created pattern, noise or rhythm. The pace is as challenging and engrossing as it is patient and respectful of the original and untouched samples. The idea of tempo change and the slight, barely discernible differences in speed become relevant as the recording unfurls. As the loops speed up and repeat, a sense of exhaustion and degradation arises. Patrick Piper is a young, Chicago-based musician and composer. This is his first cassette, and a follow-up to 2013’s Echoes CD-R on Organic Industries. This is an edition of 50 home-dubbed, chrome cassettes.
    released 02 April 2014

  • sky stadium / potions – split – lillerne tapes

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    Twenty minutes each from Colonia, NJ’s Sky Stadium and Chicago, IL’s Potions. Sky Stadium (Jeff Roman), fresh off of great 2011 releases on Monorail Trespassing, Bridgetown, Goldtimers and more, offers six tracks of truly beautiful and warm synth ambience. “Gatefold” and “A Vision So Close” are unique and true space soundscapes with enough texture and depth to mix well with the thick layers of synthesized melody and powerful drones on the rest of the side. Listen to “Right Now” on the sampler below. Potions (Tom Owens) has made a good name for himself on the local Chicago DIY scene with his improvised live performances and ability to cover a lot of ground stylistically with the Potions moniker. “Booby Trap” is a squiggly and rhythmically tight jam that moves into the darker and deeply psychy and mesmerizing “Mars Castle” (listen below). “Lazy River” is a great example of Potions’ ability to bring together a beat-oriented song structure, bordering on pop music, into the realm of ambient synth work and more loose improvisations.