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    This vital release documenting the near-mythological Astral Blessing is, quite plainly, one of the reasons we started Mad Monk. Astral Blessing are / were a Northeastern ‘supergroup’ of sorts featuring renaissance man Paul LeBreque (Sunburned Hand of The Man, Trees Chants & Hollers, Aeth’r Myth’d, The Other Method, Soil Sing Through Me) and Daniel Presnell (Hildegard, Feed and Seed Records) along with drummer Marcus DeMaio. Sporadic gigs, often with fucking years in between them, left more than one trainspotter wondering if the band existed at all. This LP lays the whispers and rumors to rest once and for all. Totally crushing modern psych splatter, referencing the Theater of Eternal Music one minute and Oblivians the next. In total bootleg-style jacket so you can pretend you’re the only one who’s lucky enough to be in on this. Recorded entirely live. Obscenely limited.