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  • tailings – mazurka editions

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    tailings is the duo of kerry robinson and jason campbell (stitched vision). following
    on from a release a couple of years ago on campbell’s eternal solitude imprint, this tape
    presents two sides that take the deconstructionist impulse to another level. three tracks
    of improvised throb, static, and feedback conducted with aplomb. destroyed synth
    and bass with contact mic’d interventions. primitive basement blues abstracted
    and captured like a jar of fog. the flatiron used as a viola.

  • teen ax – mazurka editions

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    sydney two piece, teen ax (sam chiplin & tony mckey), have established a certain
    reputation over the last few years based primarily on their intense live performances.
    this release is a perfect distillation of such minimal, brutalist surge. it is difficult to listen
    to this duo without a keen awareness of aggression. violence in the way that an exorcism
    is violent. two guitars, distortion and hostile demands made toward a contact microphone
    attached to the remnants of a cymbal suspended from the ceiling. the sound of very large
    cathedral bells eating their corroded spleens.

  • oranj punjabi – mazurka editions

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    melbourne’s oranj punjabi (fjorn butler) has been impressing all and sundry for quite
    a while now with her live performances. a kitchen/sink psychedelia scored for multiple
    voices. mazurka is damn damn damn pleased to present a recent recording, which employs
    a slightly more reduced palette. experiments for tape, effects and silence with an emphasis
    on sonic detail, smog and handmedown repercussions. the lion taming and pied pipering
    of gauzy source material. a dialogue between mind and body conducted at 4am.