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  • su wai – gita pon yeik – mississippi records

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    “Su Wai is a modern virtuoso of the ancient Saung Gauk, a Burmese harp instrument of both royal and religious significance (fashioned to resemble a leaf of the bo tree which the Buddha attained enlightenment beneath) with roots as far back as the 6th century. In this collection of 8 traditional poem-songs, Wai unfurls clusters of melodic lines alongside a cyclical bell chime-pulse to accompany texts drawn from the Mahagita, a collection of 500 court songs not unlike the British Isle’s Child Ballads. Recorded in masterful fidelity by Burmese ethnomusicologist Rick Heizman (White Elephants and Golden Ducks, Green Tea Leaf Salad) and presented here for the first time on vinyl, Gita Pon Yeik offers a small window into a tragically under-documented royal tradition that sits comfortably next to both ethnomusicological documents and abstract avant-garde folk forms.”

  • various – i don’t feel at home in this world anymore 1927-1948 – mississippi records

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    2014 repress. “Compilation of early American minority music, in print again for the first time in 7 years! This record runs the genre gambit between Klezmer, Calypso, Hawaiian, Cajun, Country, Cuban, Greek. Gospel, Tex Mex and more still. Somehow this all fits together nicely and makes for a highly listenable compilation of early 78’s. One of the LPs that cemented the Mississippi aesthetic. Artists include Wilmouth Houdini, Marika Papagika, Lydia Mendoza, The Two Gospel Keys, Sexteto Bologna, Cleoma Falcon, The Caresser and more.”

  • washington phillips – what are they doing in heaven today? – mississippi records

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    2014 repress. “Compilation of 78’s by Washington Phillips, in print again for the first time in over 7 years! Washington Phillips is one of the most unique gospel artists of all time. He played an instrument that was either the dolciola (a now extinct chimey sounding piano) or something entirely home made. No one knows for sure. Phillips sings with a beautiful voice and his instrument provides a celestial and otherworldly background. His songs are like lullabies straight from the spirit world to you. No one sounds like Washington Phillips and no house should be without a copy of this early Mississippi release. “

  • various – 100 moons (Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55) – mississippi records

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    “Absolutely great compilation of early Indian vocal 78s. Features artists such as Faiyaz Khan, Hirabai Barodekar, Dattreya Vishnu Paluskar, and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Mediative and exciting vocals from the masters. Great liner notes and mastering by Ian Nagoski, complete with photos. A co-release with Canary Records. “

  • lori goldston – creekside: cello solos – mississippi records

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    “Lurking around the Northwest music world for years playing with the likes of the Black Cat Orchestre, Earth, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Nirvana and a ton of other musicians, here we have Lori Goldstons’ beautiful cello playing in its purest form – unaccompanied and acoustic. The pieces on this LP all carry a certain level of austerity and gravitas, though they never come off as cold. On the contrary, they are warm emotional pieces of music played by someone who really knows their way around the cello. Lori has dedicated her life to music and we at Mississippi Records are very proud to present this LP filled with her visionary compositions.”

  • michael hurley – land of lo fi – mississippi records

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    You could be sitting there wondering why Mississippi releases such a huge amount of records by Michael Hurley (this is our eighth). To put it as mildly as we can – Hurley is by and large one of the greatest song writers of all time and we consider it an important part of our mission to get the world aware of his awesome talent. Here we have Hurley’s latest batch of home recordings and believe me when I say they are some of his best songs ever. It’s unusual for a man 50 years into his recording career to come up with some of his greatest songs yet, but here ’tis. Hurley plays heart breakers solo with guitar and/or organ accompaniment, along with three tracks where he is joined by the beautiful voice of Jolie Holland. Some incredible new songs such as the eerie ‘Alligator in the Water,’ the poignant and all too true ‘Disaster at the Wheel,’ the utterly cosmic ‘Corridor,’ the near avant garde ‘Doin’ the Opossum,’ the stone cold intense ‘You Got to Die’ and on and on. True geniuses are hard to come by, so wake on up and give this record a long hard listen. If it doesn’t move you, then I don’t know what will.”

  • george gurdjieff – improvisations – mississippi records / psychic sounds

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    “Stunningly beautiful harmonium improvisations recorded in 1949 by spiritualist G.I Gurdjieff. Many who heard these performances live found themselves crying uncontrollably. After this cathartic listening experience they reached a place where they felt happy and whole. We hope this record will bring a similar experience to the modern day listener. It doesn’t get much purer than this. Cover is silkscreened with gold ink. A co-release with Psychic Sounds Research.”