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  • AC / DP – high voltage – middle james co.

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    andrew coltrane / david payne
    Limited edition of 150 copies, Black Vinyl with Black labels.

    Not a typo, this is Andrew Coltrane and David Payne (Fossils). Side A is a peak into an experimentalists dark nightmares. Starts out with a plucking of a guitar, which evolves into a heavily echoed nerve. Sliding, clanking, reverbs, delays on what sounds like metals and percussion. I can envision a tilted camera, lots of fog and a swinging light bulb in a tiny damp warehouse. Side ends with a locked groove. Side B is a little more subdued. Heavy repeating winds, and winding tones. If you zone out enough, it feels like you’re listening to the howl of an on-coming train in the subway. I listened to the whole thing on 33, but seeing as there’s another locked groove at the end of side B with words, I think it’s meant to be played at 45. Either sound great! -kfjc

  • fossils – flashbacks – mjc

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    take a deadly dose from trio Scott Johnson, Johnny Scarr and David Payne.
    lingering hallucinations among empty bottles form a soundtrack dissolving into
    space dust.
    A tornado of tapes whirls around the drain disposal blades, tearing sound into
    traces of color devoid of nature’s light. watch out for vol 2 on Scarr’s Mantile
    full color covers!
    limited to 23

  • derek rogers / david payne – mjc

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    new possibilities for solo guitar.
    side a= DEREK ROGERS ‘isolated contact’
    burnt Texas toast! this one is an overblown fit in two pieces.
    a crushing rain of radioactive basement bliss. 
    side b= DAVID PAYNE ‘contact solution’
    a collection of cuts featuring electric guitar+FX & raw acoustic battery.
    debris loops and crushed can blues.
    full color covers! w/terror tapes stamp
    limited to 23