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  • lee noble – our star, the sun – moon glyph

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    Lee Noble’s “Our Star, the Sun” marks Moon Glyph’s eighteenth release. Recorded in his Los Angeles bedroom, Noble’s album is an epic drone encounter with big concepts as well as an expansive emotional spectrum. Implementing an array of instruments such as harmonium, korg ms-10, and guitar, the songs spiral around a notion the instrumentalist describes as “leaving small memories behind when you look at the scale of the universe” – really one of many touchstones of inspiration cited by Noble himself. By gerrymandering passages of subtle catharsis out of alienating tones, “Our Star, the Sun” is a consummate performance that supports and sustains Noble’s complex themes.
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  • m sage – the receivers peaking – patient sounds

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    Depicted here is the raised hand of an obscured preacher, hovering above rows of urban housing. A striking concept that runs deep into the fervor and punk ethos that M. Sage has been cultivating via ambient and sound collage for years. For the uninitiated, M. Sage is a man out of Fort Collins who crafts grand, aural impressions while simultaneously running his exceptional imprint Patient Sounds. His most recent work and Moon Glyph debut is “The Receivers Peaking”, a conceptual and auditory abstraction of AM radio clips, looped field recordings, processed guitar and serene, pensive composition. As a progressive and prolific worker, M. Sage deconstructs our surroundings and shows us his shimmering utopia that could have been.

  • dylan ettinger – pattern recursion – moon glyph

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    Geometric minimalism is an inherent component in synthesist Dylan Ettinger’s latest release, “Pattern Recursion” – a collection of side-long scapes produced using solely square wave forms. A work as indebted to concept, as it is enabled by it, Ettinger’s square precession is largely based on his connection with analogue machines–specifically, a Moog Rogue, Korg Poly 61 and Funkhouser 1. In turn, “Pattern Recursion” is machinist music for the 21st century, replacing mammal intuition with mechanical ingenuity to create a wholly new definition of “computer musick.”

  • ghostband – verdical – moon glyph

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    Assembled on the fly (“real-time performative production” according to artist Jon Davis), Ghostband’s “Verdical” is a construction of fetishized “glitch(es) and groove(s)” – individual compositions that transfigure through repetition, syncopation and red herring noises. It’s uncertain whether Davis has tapped into a contemporary mania or synthesized a manic – and, at times, maniacal – electronic sound response to the times. Either way, the album waxes feverish and never wanes, building and razing its pockets of pop catharsis in whims that appear both well-studied and fresh-eared.

  • pc worship – dune of heroin / godless love – moon glyph

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    PC Worship is a seven-piece band out of Brooklyn. They live together in a warehouse called Le Wallet where they are surrounded by hundreds of musical instruments – and it shows on Dune of Heroin/Godless Love. Acoustic guitars, contrabasses, violins, tenor saxes, pianos, bowed saws, bass clarinets and drums coalesce and fragment, collide off each other in a way that showcases a nimble touch when it comes to lawless and maelstromic music-making.