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  • wild flowers – I – native parts

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    Limited edition 25 copies.
    Recorded by WF June/July 2013 at The Bunker Sun Studios, Göteborg.
    Part 1 of series.
    “Wild Flowers, this new act on the Göteborg lofi-scene. I once got invited to a session at their recording place, mid-day. Smoke and dim lights were making me sweaty and i almost fell out. The invisible landscape.
    Dreamy soundwaves and soft focus, very loud. I saw some figures behind the layers of sound bouncing off the walls. It was pretty impressive. I heard that some of the tracks they put down on tape some sessions later on is now being produced and collected into their “debut tape”, although I have in my very own hands a bootleg tape released 2 weeks ago. That´s how they work, you see a live gig but that´s not sure it´s their most presentable stuff, or even official. It flows and it´s really up to you to ride along. I have listened to them while watching my plants grow, reading books and just thinking about stuff that are on Mars, or closer.”

    -Diego LV

  • lindh / thörn heinz hopf – split – native parts records

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    Aside – LINDH/THÖRN “Live at Frim/Syd”
    Bside – HEINZ HOPF “Vi lär oss aldrig”

    Pär Thörn, here with friend Carl Lindh, should need no further introduction. Artist, avantgarde-poet and performancartist and amazing.
    Heinz Hopf is Matthias Andersson & Dan Johansson, 2 highly profilic figures within the Göteborg/Swedish underground -Release the bats records/Utmarken/Sewer Election/Ättestupa/White/Fantasy Sex/Källarbarnen/Arv&miljö…. Dan about the track: “En primitiv feedback-dänga. blek och jävlig. en hyllning till de tidiga italienska mästarna (läs: mauthausen orchestra)….”
    A primitive feedback wallop. pale and shit. a tribute to the early Italian masters
    -native parts records

  • crystal crypt – native parts records

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    . A-Side Dr. Knowhow (2:56) / Unknown Journey (4:30)
    B-Side Under the paving stones, the beach! (13:22)
    Recorded by Johannes Brander at Bunker Sun Studios, Gbg in March/April 2011.
    Crystal Crypt debut tape.
    Filthy dark monotone tapesoundtrack.

  • skogar – the beyond – native parts records

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    A psychadelic trip into human insanity and beauty. Canooing pass melted brains, awakening hippie dreams, new worlds and voids..
    welcome the new dawn or say goodbye to history.
    Ritual drums, dripping synthesizers, angry guitars and wildlife, all with a soothing hand mixing it together with lofi strangeness.
    A psychadelic trip into the monkeys skin. Feel his love nurture him.
    Recorded by Johannes Brander at the Bunker Sun Studios + Homereccoco during a highly productive and intense period,
    Hallucinatory and wild.
    * Feat NEW DAWN, a drugged out slow ballad remix of Crystal Crypt´s UNKNOWN JOURNEYS.