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  • cleared – immune recordings

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    Cleared is the Chicago duo of Steven Hess and Michael Vallera…

    Cleared was formed in the latter part of 2009 as a project meant to focus on repetition and patience as central elements of composition. Hess and Vallera have previously worked in various contexts of improvisational, long form and experimental music. Cleared is an effort to take the knowledge both have gained from these arenas in order to build hypnotic patterns of sound and rhythm.

    The sessions that created the material for the initial tracks were made in Steven Hess’s Chicago studio in an extremely straightforward manner of recording. Percussion, electronics, field recordings and other experiments were arranged and supplemented with synthesis and guitar. Frequently, parts of the original audio recordings were sampled and further manipulated back into the work. The result is a body of songs that are simultaneously familiar and indistinguishable in their instrumentation.

    Steven Hess is a member of On (with Sylvain Chauveau), Haptic, Ural Umbo, and has recorded and performed with such artists as Pan•American, Stefan Németh (Radian), David Daniell & Douglas McCombs, Fennesz, Locrian, Dropp Ensemble, and Sylvain Chauveau. Steven has recorded for Type Records, Utech, Kranky, Thrill Jockey, Entr’acte and Digitalis, to name a few.

    Michael Vallera has recorded for Catholic Tapes, Reverb Worship and Complacency Productions, and has performed with David Daniell,White Car, Sinkane, and Rhys Chatham. He performs solo under his own name, and received his MFA in sound from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the spring of 2010.
    – Immune

  • yves / son / ace – unsung – night people

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    New tape from long time Night-People contributor Yves Son Ace. Truly ambiguous and mysterious loner zones continue with this project of woozy synths, vintage rhythm machines, and syrupy singing. A good continuation and further exploration of the sounds and aesthetic presented by the Parade of Thoughts LP. This long playing cassette keeps things creepy and obscure while adding plenty of experimentation and catchiness to keep you coming back for more.

  • pc worship – millenial kreephaus – night people

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    PC Worship is loose group of NYC based musicians headed up by Justin Frye from Teeth Mountain and Gary War. With prior releases on SHDWPLY Records PC Worship has steadily been building up a reputation. PC Worship kick it dense and heavy with a damaged crude DIY psych edge that often transcends into totally catchy melodic and repetitive jammers like Starring at the Sun (highlighted on the recent Cola Heavy Nights mix). Really solid stuff here that veers all over the place and never lets up no surprise coming from talented mastermind Justin Frye.

  • flak mask – uncle henry’s ecco duplex – night people

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    A half hour of new music from this New Orleans based duo featuring members of Impractical Cockpit. Combining impoverished electronics and deconstructed analog instrumentation, grating rhythms meet soothing echos in these long-burning trance-inducers that always leave you wondering, what am I actually listening to here?

  • chrome dome- s/t – night people

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    Chrome Dome a trio from Melbourne AU, channeling dark brooding synth punk into an intense droned out assault on the senses. After a slew of great down under releases, Chrome Dome finally have a chance to hit the international radar and no contemporary band in the contemporary minimal synth/cold wave/synth pop vein deserving it more. Great well recorded material bleeds from this magnetic tape, and Night-People is so excited to help spread the word.

  • horsebladder – nicole – night people

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    Horsebladder is Elaine Kahn, musician, poet, and generally rad lady. Taking up refuge in Northhampton after a few years in Iowa City, this is Horsebladder’s first distributed release. The singing really stands out on this tape and mixes well with the minimal and dramatic synth pop aesthetic. Tape manipulations and subtle loops that sit behind the central compositions create an atmosphere of introspective and intimate listening. Expect more great releases to pop up from Horsebladder in the near future.

  • lantern- stranger i come / stranger i leave – night people

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    Lantern is Zachary Fairbrother Philly by way of Montreal resident backed up in the full band mode by Emily Robb and Sophie White. Lantern’s bluesy infused earlier efforts in loner rock built up a bit of buzz in the internet media zone but this full on noisy blast of full on Stooges/Denudes/Bo Didley heavy proto punk garage psych will surely turn even more ears to this new talent with serious rock n’ roll moves. Co-Released with Sweat Lodge Guru.

  • goldendust – digital skies- night people

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    A cassette precursor/demo to a Night-People LP coming out later this summer, Goldendust are the Midwest’s finest purveyors of minimal synth bleakness, catchy synth pop gloom, and lingering soundscape isolation. This duo has horded and honed there analog synth and electronic library to create something mesmerizing and of its own will. Upcoming LP on Night-People this summer.

  • we shave – in the flesh – night people

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    We Shave is long time Memphis and off and on Iowa City resident Brendan Spengler who has been in a bunch of bands including most recently Viva La American Death Ray Music and prior solo project Teledildonics 5000. Lindsay Chastain is a recent collaborator and provides some sweet sultry vocals on prime track Creem Dreem Blues. In the Flesh is a full albums worth of melodic drugged out psych pop that’s heavy on the experimental undertones and organ jamming. On par with other recent Night-People tapes tinged with outsider garage rock and velvets leaning noisy rhythm zones with a bit of Eno esque dream sound. In the Flesh is good for all moods, all times of day, and all zones from city to country road