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  • pulse emitter – longing thresholds – nna tapes

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    Based on Michael Whelan’s cover art for Isaac Asimov’s “Second Foundation” and “Foundation’s Edge” novels.

    Cassette with 4-panel color J-card and insert.

  • drainolith – where are ye col. leslie groves?- nna

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    Montréal lurker and AIDS Wolf guitarist Alexander Moskos has bestowed us with one of our most baffling cassettes yet. Not unlike parlor music being played by an insane asylum patient, Moskos rips intangible, Monk-esque MIDI piano hallucinations over sporadic drum pad wailing and other miscellaneous electronic mishaps. Fake jazz or real truth?

  • aguirre – new sects – nna

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    Aguirre is the duo of Elon Katz and Gryphon Myers creating extra-terrestrial club music by combining frenetic mutant electronics with shape-shifting beat avalanches. “New Sects” is equal parts swirling and chaotic synth debris, 90’s style IDM throwback, and hard-hitting electro pulse dance action. Twelve tracks of varying styles, tempos, and moods sprawl across this full-length cassette.