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  • galaxy toobin’ – nnf

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    Rarely has a collab moniker felt as apt as this one. The one-off collab duo of Elliot Lip and William Burnett aka Speculator (no, not the hypnagogist dude) strikes a uniquely sublime synthesis of adrift-in-infinity astral synthesizer meditation and Legowelt-ish deep Chicago/Trax lab experiments. Cuts like “Toobin’ Problems” and “Friday Afternoon Toobin’” advance this latter agenda, soaring lazily through the stars on relaxed 303 bass bubbles and vintage drum machine skeletons, whereas others (esp. the B side) like “Snake River” and “Entering Snake Pass” summon more of a soundtrack/atmosphere vibe, cool cold dread and chrome tension coiling together like a reptile cyborg discovered in an alien space station (??). Originally released as a limited LP on Crème Organization in 2008, this has been a heavy-rotation NNF favorite ever since we heard it, and felt inspired to coax some new heads on board the Toobin’ trip by initiating this cassette edition. Pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes in full-color J-cards with a slightly revised layout of the original artwork. Edition of 150.

  • night burger – burnin’ fast – nnf

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    The loner nightstalk of Noah Anthony has lurked through a lot of cracked industrial deadlands since the dissolution/retirement of Social Junk several years ago, but solitude’s the mother of dimension, and devolution still counts as a direction. So it is that Burnin’ Fast is in fact the swansong/suicide dive of Anthony’s cryptic nocturnal-industrial project, Night Burger, after a thin trail of emissions on labels like Deception Island and his own Ranky Tanky. A soundtrack of sorts to wandering the concrete voids of North Philly alone and way too late, tracks like “Degraded Cool” and “FMM” throb and plod on cold machine beats while drained tones and lobotomized voices bleed through the air, like a less sci-fi Mark Lord. The B side slides into even stranger isolation chambers – numb drums in condemned bunkers, field recordings of rusty trains and welding factories, echo-heavy synths flickering like failing lights. Burn it all down, burn it fast. Pro-dubbed tapes in j-cards with trans-rocker video still cover art designed by N. Anthony. Edition of 95.