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  • lee noble – persona – no kings

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    more limited no kings edition of this release

  • sparkling wide pressure – clouds & stairs – no kings

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    t’s a catalog that has canonized a style, absolving for the rest of us our short-lived, limited-run, lo-fi, sold-out, essential and unaccountable suburban warbled bedroom collages heard once or lost, or played to ruin. It is a singular, sustained warmth reverse-looped, slowed and low-pitched to a slur then cut and smeared out across itself. An off-kilter rattle, an open-tuned trance. The fleeting and the incidental balanced against the willful and the measured. Dimensions restless, texture insatiable. Frank Baugh has been crafting sounds as Sparkling Wide Pressure from Murfreesboro, TN since 2007. Clouds and Stairs is his fourth release for No Kings and our very first vinyl record. Edition of 250 black discs in letterpressed foldover sleeves with black or gold ink, and risograph insert. Mastered by Brian Pyle.

  • sigbrand – secret handshake – no kings

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    Carl Koopmans’ (of excellent tape label Space Slave Editions and pioneering file sharing site The Radiant Now) first solo outing on tape is for the format, by the format. Field recordings made on his extensive travels which have finally landed him in Japan teaching English, where the pieces were completed – dark collages of wind wisps, distant harmonics, the sounds made by mountains, with touches of melody and ephemeral shakuhachi performance by Koopmans. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes, 3-color risograph artwork.

  • r. lee dockery & smokey emery – spare me forever just this once – no kings

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    Double drone masterclass collaboration served up from these two Austin, TX experimenters, R. Lee Dockery and Daniel Hipolito, on the heels of their respective solo releases from Marmara and Holodeck. These five collages show glimpses of Goblin, flashes of black metal, and of course the Dictaphone-haze and dark gauzy washes these artists are known for. Like a symphony orchestra playing through an earthquake, this music is tireless, urgent, and steeped in gravitas. 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes, mastered by Justin Sweatt, with 2-color risograph artwork, designed by Lee Noble and Amy Fortunato.

  • william cody watson – seafoam – no kings

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    There is something so terminal and climactic in each release by William Cody Watson. These sweeping, soul-shivering drone sonatas, invincible crescendos, are some of his finest, and were originally only available digitally. With field recording and piano contributions from John Kolodij (High Aura’d), this is music dedicated to the beach, music for extremities, border regions, the open ocean. 100 tapes, pro-dubbed / imprinted, special 4-color CMYK risograph artwork printed at Colour Code. Photograph by Rachel Rinehart.

  • stephen molyneux – called to leave – no kings

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    This world traveler, professional gardener, poet, amateur ethnomusicologist, and No Kings co-founder has, at long last, collected his best song pieces (which move in and out of traditional American folk motifs) into a heart-shaking and catchy album. From murder ballad to chord organ interlude, themes of water and work, these atmospheric one-mic recordings of Stephen’s magnetic voice vibrating the floorboards of his Nashville home overflow with emotion and will have you hitting that rewind button over and over. The best. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed chrome, imprinted tapes, risograph artwork.

  • haunted houses – the heaven of the soul & the heaven of the moon – no kings

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    The unmistakable ambiance of Ryan Lopilato’s Haunted Houses project is out in full force with this one: distended mystical folk songs, battered tremelo guitar in the back corner of a room, slow-stomp swamp drums, and that signature soulful yelp of Lopilato that is reminiscent of early Isaac Brock. This collection of songs covers some introspective philosophical concepts about the two titular “inner realms” of consciousness, the central theme seems to be as Lopilato states “the power of the beyond is within ourselves”. Heavy thoughts and jagged exp. folk edges. Edition of 40 produbbed/imprinted tapes with full color collage art (+ insert) by Ryan.

  • clearing – distance – no kings

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    Double dose of Murfreesboro vibes for you all this morning. Presenting Clearing’s third edition for No Kings. Snow-covered structures, time-stretched pheromonic clouds. Lovely, drifting trails, maybe slightly less bleak than his last offering (although the bleak/majestic line is fine with the best melodic ambient music). Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted cobalt tapes with risograph artwork by Lee, designed after old textbook covers

  • ophibre – chronic complications – no kings

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    Ben Rossignol offers up 40 minutes of raw experiments in synthesis from his frontier workshop in Boston, playing built-from-scratch analog machines of his own design, and other mystery equipment. This dramatic document is rooted in the tradition of noise/music boundary exploration, while its upper limbs claw the modern mist. Edition of 60 pro-dubbed / imprinted tapes with letterpressed artwork.

  • scissoring – we hate everything – no kings

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    Two crazy dudes, Dan “Cough Cool” Sviseny and William Cody “Pink Priest” Watson, have given up their corporeal bodies and made some kind of Voltron Mutant union that is Scissoring. Each half-mutant man taking a side of this tape, they have gathered the sound dust of civilizations and run them through the shredder a thousand times to make a paste, and they are smearing it all over our faces and stomachs. Cough Cool’s side is four tracks entitled 1. I, 2. AM, 3. WILLIAM, 4. BASINSKI. Cody’s is called Who Gives a Fuck. Truly they hate everything. This is Scissoring’s first effort, they have since gone on to complete two more albums, NUCLEAR WET EARTH, and NO DREAM / NO REGRETS. Pro-dubbed imprinted tapes with photocopied artwork designed by WCW, as well as a letterpressed mini-print of his drawing of what seems to be a gremlin flipping you off. Edition of 60.