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  • sigbrand – secret handshake – no kings

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    Carl Koopmans’ (of excellent tape label Space Slave Editions and pioneering file sharing site The Radiant Now) first solo outing on tape is for the format, by the format. Field recordings made on his extensive travels which have finally landed him in Japan teaching English, where the pieces were completed – dark collages of wind wisps, distant harmonics, the sounds made by mountains, with touches of melody and ephemeral shakuhachi performance by Koopmans. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes, 3-color risograph artwork.

  • r. lee dockery & smokey emery – spare me forever just this once – no kings

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    Double drone masterclass collaboration served up from these two Austin, TX experimenters, R. Lee Dockery and Daniel Hipolito, on the heels of their respective solo releases from Marmara and Holodeck. These five collages show glimpses of Goblin, flashes of black metal, and of course the Dictaphone-haze and dark gauzy washes these artists are known for. Like a symphony orchestra playing through an earthquake, this music is tireless, urgent, and steeped in gravitas. 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes, mastered by Justin Sweatt, with 2-color risograph artwork, designed by Lee Noble and Amy Fortunato.

  • ala vjiior / twin polygamists split – no kings – cass

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    Frank Oullette of Hobo Cubes / Cult sends us minimalist love with a new side project Ala Vjiior on side A of this split, and leader of Copenhagen boutique BSBTA, Christian Kann, turns up the cold heat for side B as Twin Polygamists. Double minimalist electronic action! Microsound clouds drifting into deep space. Best listened to in a Cathedral. Two-layer artwork: letterpressed lino-cut designed by Amy Fortunato, with glass painting acetate overlay by Geoffrey Sexton. Pro-dubbed blue imprinted tapes, edition of 70.