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  • ssaliva – mercury coast – not not fun

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    Belgian shapeshifter Francois Boulanger has traversed several spheres of liquid electronics and mutated beat music across his half-decade of activity as Ssaliva, but in the winter of 2010 he holed up in an old historic house in the town where he grew up, Chaudfontaine, with a partially broken Tascam 4-track to pursue a different muse, on a different wavelength: “The place was super cold. Everything was recorded straight to tape. I was bored using a laptop so these tracks were a reaction to that, I guess.” The 22 grainy guitar instrumentals comprising Mercury Coast slide through a fractured prism of moods, reveries, daydreams, and deliriums, from paranoid surf (“Borys,” “Health”) to opiate lullaby (“Cloud Gap,” “Hyperreal,” “Weav”) to smeared haze (“School Rave,” “Trave”) and beyond. There’s a naked, intuitive feel to the songs, like sketches born from smoke and sleeplessness, tracked at strange hours. The frayed fidelity further enhances the album’s aura of cloaked emotion, altered states, and raw truth. Shortly after the sessions Boulanger and two Brussels associates, Dynoo and Nosedrip, launched a label (Surf Kill) to release the recordings but for unremembered reasons nothing materialized. NNF is honored to finally share this overlooked outlier to a wider world. Artwork and design by Dieter Durinck. Mastered by Alter Echo.

  • white poppy – natural phenomena – not not fun (Copy)

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    Limited European tour cassette edition of Crystal Dorval’s sophomore White Poppy full-length, Natural Phenomena. Same content as the LP but housed on pale pink pro-dubbed tapes with violet-imprinted shells. About 55 currently in stock. Here’s the NNF text from before: “Crystal Dorval from Vancouver, Canada has been making healing, distorted rug-gaze music from a coastal mindset all her own since 2011. Natural Phenomena is her second album, and it echoes 2013’s previous self-titled effort in its isolationist origins, as the record emerged slowly across a 9-month retreat alone on a farm on Vancouver Island: “Some days I would only add one tiny guitar line or keyboard texture and that would be it for the day… it was a long process.” However grueling and gradual the method, what accrued is gold – 10 of Dorval’s deepest dreamdives, starry ambient pools, and dissolved guitar designs, ghosted through a lens of grey-skied pop. Songs wax and wane across faded rainbows of guitar, sunrise keyboards, looped percussion, and vocal ocean-spray. Behind Dorval’s gauze of warm noise glows something pure and newer than new age: “My hope is that these positive feelings will be communicated sonically, or in essence, and will be enriching for listeners.” A high height for a climbing talent; White Poppy blooms on cliffs of light. Written and recorded by C. Dorval. Mixed and mastered by J. Arner. Artwork by C. Dorval.”

  • NASA – diamonds & wood – not not fun

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    Pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes in silver-misted cases with full-color wood grain/bejeweled artwork.
    Hand-numbered edition of 100.

  • skeppet – skeppet deluxe – not not fun

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    Multi-instrumentalists Andreas Malm and Henrik Wallin have been triangulating a particular schematic of minimalist mantric-psychedelic instrumental music since the mid-2000s, emphasizing texture, time, and trance states. But with the exception of 2014’s Phase 3 LP, most of the group’s recordings were released as limited cassettes or vinyl in Sweden, long out of print. Skeppet Deluxe collects an assortment of these formative tracks into an hour-long mystic suite of primitivist circular sprawl. Shaping guitar, synthesizer, and percussion into fractals of FX, the ethos of Doing Less, Longer leads across varied terrain: motorik vignette, sunbleached organ vamp, drum rumble, Sky Records cruise, wah dirge, dawnbringer pop, etc. Pieces span from five to fifteen minutes; depth of repetition determines duration. As a discographical cross-section, Skeppet Deluxe revels in a vision of rustic cosmic roads and vanishing horizon lines. Of distance as illusion, and motion as meaning. Recorded from 2006-2011 in Malmö, SE. Gold metallic tapes in J-cards designed by H. Wallin. Mastered by Alex Nagle in Philadelphia, PA.

  • bronze – in stone – not not fun

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    Few bands perplex like San Fran riddler trio Bronze but even fewer have managed to hatch and hone such an obliquely singular sound. The group’s third long-player, In Stone, twists and burns through eight new iterations of their classic oscillator-fusion psychedelia, inflected with shades of post-punk raga, skronk lurch, modal incantantion, deep space narcosis, lizard kingmanship, and home-wired industrial dementia. As an album, these recordings skew tenser, twitchier, a touch paranoiac, bloodshot tweakers stalking steep foggy streets. The alchemy of drummer Brian Hock, vocalist Rob Spector, and electronicist Miles Friction is always riveting in the live sphere but In Stone feels like more of a studio document, exploratory and expressionistic, full of ideas and psychic interplay. Bay Area burnout rendered as psychotropic sculptural waveforms. Confusion isn’t sex, it’s something stranger. Black tapes mastered by Ruud 66 with J-cards designed by the band. Vinyl edition on B.F.E. Records.

  • legendary hearts – music from the elevator – not not fun

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    Miasmic Melbourne new age prog duo Legendary Hearts (aka Andrew Cowie + Kieran Hegarty) first entered the public eye/ear in 2012 but their music has only grown more opaque with age. Music From The Elevator is their debut, originally released via the Dungeon Taxis label, and captures their chemistry in altered states of sprawl, symbiosis, and swoon. Six expressionistic oozes of infinity gauntlet guitar, slow-motion drum machines, and warped synthesizer, filtering in and out of focus, unfeeling neon seen through smoke or smog. Each piece reflects (and is named for) a different level of the structure, from the low-lidded fusion lurch of “Basement” up to skyline cosmosis vistas “Rooftop” and “Fire Exit.” Long-form, liquid, nebulous, and narcotic – Legendary Hearts walk a wavelength all their own, on their own. Remastered by Lawrence English in Brisbane, Australia. J-cards designed by Britt Brown.

  • sasha conda – bronco –

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    Bronco Stephenson – a man devoid of self doubt or the capacity for deep thought, but exceedingly effective in more carnal procedures. Armed with a solid gold hand cannon, a long territorial strut and a fierce addiction to adrenaline, inhalants and psycho-inhibitors, Bronco carves a path through The Palace Interior – a hyper-terrarean ultra mall the size of a city. A mecca of consumeristic glee where half-jacked vape junkies crowd the halls of The Walgreen’s Health Services Stratum, and The Plasticmen survey every square inch of marketable real estate.

    BRONCO is a concept album conceived and executed by Sasha Conda (sounds) and Patrick Scott-Walsh (words). BRONCO is available in physical form, including the 24 page short story by PS Walsh, from Not Not Fun Records. A .pdf of the short story is included in digital downloads of the album, available through this bandcamp.

    All sounds recorded and mixed by S. Conda and mastered by Neil Weir. Art by Keith Rankin.

  • topaz rags – the crown center – not not fun

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    Edition of 345, various colors of in hand screened