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  • rites wild – ways of being – not not fun

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    When Adelaide enigma Rites Wild aka Stacey Wilson first came to Los Angeles her show got busted up by the cops before she even got to play (nice priorities, LAPD). Even so, she made an impression, and her self-released EPs of echoplexed minimalist swoon songs further stoked the fire to do a full-length. Ways Of Being collects the blackest pearls from three hyper-limited cassingles (released via her own defunct Faux Friends label) as well as adding a handful of newer, previously unreleased cuts for an ideal spelunk into RW’s memory-haunted grey-crystal waters. Layering dusty church organ drum box rhythms with drone-dirge keyboard loops, spectral-melody shadowplay, and monotonal bedroom vox, WOB rides the ridge between vertical horizon raga rituals and young marbled giganto hypno-pop in an endlessly mesmerizing fashion, and signals a distinct new voice in the garbled membrane of global noise. Black vinyl LPs with images sourced by S. Wilson and designed by NNF. Mastered by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 450.

  • magic lantern – showstopper – nnf

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    Companion banger to the Platoon LP, this 33 RPM single finds the Lanterns firmly in retro motor city rave-up rockist terrain, covering the cult classic “Showstopper” on the A, backed with their own James Brown soul revue funk-rock shaker “Cypress” on the flip. Recorded during the Platoon sessions and mastered by James Plotkin. Black vinyl 7 inches in cosmic boogie collage jackets designed by Cameron Stallones. Edition of 500.

  • cankun – isalo waterfall – live in london – nnf

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    St Flour de Mercoire’s patron saint of sunburned guitar and electric mirages issues forth this new homage to an exquisite natural wonder in Southwestern Madagascar which Monsieur Cankun had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing first hand on a personal quest years prior. The strategies employed on last year’s debut, Jaguar Dance, are in even finer form here, fusing solar flares, feathery fields of guitar blur, and skeletal groove metronomes into multi-movement trance states of sunset skyway-psych. Moods crossfade between muted, spiraling, inner space loop-cruises (“Collages,” “Stylo”) and more revved up celebratory waverunners (“Blue Vanilla”, “Jugular Rhythms”) but all share his uniquely fried tonalism and magic touch. Welcome to the waterworld of the Waterfall. Pro-dubbed metallic gold tapes with ecstasy collage artwork by Valerian Marguery. Edition of 150.

  • father finger – s/t – nnf

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    Providence, Rad Islander Kylie Lance aka Father Finger synthesizes solo synth-voice-sequencer-drum-machinery into unexpectedly twisted yet elegant curvatures of glassy, avant digital-mystic post-pop, of which the four frameworks found on her self-titled debut cassette stand as some of her most gleaming achievements to date. “Temper” and “Separation Anxiety” pulse, prowl, and groove under a glowing ozone of evocative vocals (ranging in mood from minimal wave to fever dream), washed out waterfalls of wind instrument keys, cryptic samples, and backwards echo FX; fractured lyrics about “the hottest heat ever” and “cardboard boxes” and “man’s frustration” conjure an inner world of scorched cities and drugged desires. The B side flowers a more baroque synthesizer terrarium: “Fauna” and “Italy” bubble, scrape, and slide through 96 tiers of graceful, liquid arpeggiations, new neu wave hypno-melody, and ebbing, colorful arcs of psychic voice. A stunning set of songs by one of our favorite new solo heroines. Currently on tour coast-to-coast with Maria Minerva. Pro-dubbed grey tapes in full-color double-sided J-cards with sex-shop Dollywood cover illustration by ideal visualist Christine Jones. Edition of 125.

  • pocahaunted – make it real – nnf

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    After a six-month hiatus, a complete line-up overhaul, a trip to SXSW, a UK/EURO tour, and a full year-plus of only playing shows and writing songs and amassing totemic objects, finally Pocahaunted return to the recorded realm with their first album since 2008. Time flies when yr having not not fun and all that. Make It Real collects seven of the band’s 2009 live staples for a 40-minute-ish collage of basement body music, garage dub damage, outsider funkadelic sprawl, voodoo rhythm workouts, duo femme soul vocal dynamics, dripping gold sweat, and dream fulfillment. Recorded barefoot and shirtless and direct to tape at Green Machine Studio in summer ’09 by M. Geddes Gengras and featuring guest bamboo sax by jazzmaster Alex Gray (of Dreamcolour/Deep Magic) and mastered by James Plotkin. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with warped LA post-Parliament utopia artwork by vision wizard Spencer Longo. Edition of 500.

  • cuticle – mother rhythm earth memory – nnf

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    NNF debut (after an EP on 100% SILK) by this Iowa City electronic maximalist. M.R.E.M. is the first purely solo Cuticle release, after working with a series of part-time collaborators, and it’s freed him to let loose his wildest and weirdest impulses.”

  • dylan ettinger – lifetime of romance – nnf

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    Heartland synthesist Dylan Ettinger follows up 2010’s widely lauded New Age Outlaws imaginary cyber-soundtrack with a stark, dark, and intensely different collection of misshapen new wave weirdnesses, Lifetime Of Romance. Recorded at a proper studio, and written over the course of a year, the seven songs of Romance reflect a heavy influence from the fringier strains of bummed out quasi-industrial synth-pop in the vein of Fad Gadget, certain Cabaret Voltaire, early Human League, etc, but dragged through his own warped, wonky filter. The approaches vary radically, from abandoned factory dirges (“Sport And Superstion,” “Maude”) to dubbed-out man-machine paranoia (“Disparager”) to bouncy sine-wave robot radio singles (“Arco Iris,” “Blue and Blue”) and general electronic workshop exploration (“18.0”). It’s always to be heralded when an artist braves terrain they haven’t traversed yet, so it’s a kick to hear Ettinger’s secret circuitry language channeled into the pop architectures of twisted synth-wave melancholia for the first time. Another engaging step by an always intriguing American original. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with synthesizer trio cover photography by Michael Anderson. Edition of 600.

  • cruise family – we’re in heaven – nnf

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    Cosmic synth music, as a concept, requires regular transfusions of reverse strategies, weird ideas, and bad blood to stay mutating (and thus alive). And while there’s no shortage of global projects actively engaged in this pursuit, the life/art arc of Austria’s Cruise Family cleaves closest to the slipstream we identify with. His early tapes were bubbling fountains of faded trance textures, like a rave reimagining of Monopoly Child Star Searchers’ celestial cassette mysticisms, but We’re In Heaven extrapolates that DNA into a radically more dynamic model. The sidelong A side, “We’re In Heaven,” coasts on a carpet of lush galactic synthesizer bliss and metronomic 909 pulses, like someone cross-mixing the best of Software’s Electronic Universe over a slowed-down Model 500 instrumental loop. The B is split into two pieces, the paranoid warehouse techno skeleton, “Be Part Of It,” and “Gone By Dawn,” which sequences floating new age fractals over a hollowed-out acid handclap beat, like the spectral shell of some classic sunrise anthem. The fidelity and textural craft of these cuts are distinct to anything else in the Cruise Family tree, and the best embodiment of his unique matrix of influences. Black vinyl 12 inches in jackets with insane laser-galactic ‘humanoid tumbling through interstellar space’ artwork by CF’s Stefan Kushima. Edition of 550.

  • little claw – human taste – nnf

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    Portland, OR-by-way-of-Michigan garage gang Little Claw first tripped our radar with their self-released Why Not 7 inch, which was/is raw and physical and swingin’ in all the ways you want a 7” to be. Their LA live shows proved even more ripping and charged; we were sold. So we sprung at the offer to enshrine their latest (and best) album, Human Taste, on vinyl for the world’s turntables to adore. Packed with classic, cracked anthems (“Frozen In The Future,” “Colors You Drown”), basement weirdo stompers (“Modern Vampire,” “Breathing Tape,”) and naked art-punk riddles (“Lay To Waste,” “Summerphile”), the LP’s two sides are slyly sequenced to seduce, blind, and devour, demonstrating a rad range of attacks, escapes, claws, tongues. It’s a great late summer record: between styles, beyond genres, and aggressively alive. Taste the Taste. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with art designed by the band, plus a pro-printed, double-sided 11×17 poster/insert. Edition of 600. CD edition available on Ecstatic Peace.

  • robedoor – raiders – nnf

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    “Following their 2008 East Coast tour with Woods and Pocahaunted the Robedoor agenda has mainly been: hibernating in the City Terrace zone above east LA, adding a drummer/modular synth dealer, and letting the smoke rise. Raiders is the first RBDR LP since 2008’s Endlessly Blazing and is the result of almost six months of slow-burn transformative tape machine meditation helmed by Mr. Ged Gengras. Bummed guitars, loner drone tones, low caverns of reverbed drums and rumble, echo dislocation, and dead voices cascade down into the isolated highways. Song modes are carved out and then left to rot. Features early trio live set staples like “Indo Shadow” and “The Downcast Eye.” You can’t stick your hand in the same black river twice. Change or be changed. LPs in jackets with cover photo by Caitlin C. Mitchell. Edition of 500 (250 on marbled grey, 250 on black). “