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  • cruise family – we’re in heaven – nnf

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    Cosmic synth music, as a concept, requires regular transfusions of reverse strategies, weird ideas, and bad blood to stay mutating (and thus alive). And while there’s no shortage of global projects actively engaged in this pursuit, the life/art arc of Austria’s Cruise Family cleaves closest to the slipstream we identify with. His early tapes were bubbling fountains of faded trance textures, like a rave reimagining of Monopoly Child Star Searchers’ celestial cassette mysticisms, but We’re In Heaven extrapolates that DNA into a radically more dynamic model. The sidelong A side, “We’re In Heaven,” coasts on a carpet of lush galactic synthesizer bliss and metronomic 909 pulses, like someone cross-mixing the best of Software’s Electronic Universe over a slowed-down Model 500 instrumental loop. The B is split into two pieces, the paranoid warehouse techno skeleton, “Be Part Of It,” and “Gone By Dawn,” which sequences floating new age fractals over a hollowed-out acid handclap beat, like the spectral shell of some classic sunrise anthem. The fidelity and textural craft of these cuts are distinct to anything else in the Cruise Family tree, and the best embodiment of his unique matrix of influences. Black vinyl 12 inches in jackets with insane laser-galactic ‘humanoid tumbling through interstellar space’ artwork by CF’s Stefan Kushima. Edition of 550.

  • prince rama – utopia = no person – nnf

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    We first met the Sisters Larson (aka Prince Rama Of Ayodhya aka Prince Rama) in 2009 in Texas, where they had a brief stop during their inaugural road-warrior bicoastal US tour. They had feathers in their hair and gave us a CDR covered in sequins and fake fur. Since then a lot has happened: they signed to Paw Tracks, someone joined the band and left the band, they toured the US and Europe at least three more times, and – relevant to this release – they got invited to fashion a conceptual art performance for the Manhattan gallery, Issue Project Room. The topic they chose to explore was very P Ramanian: the ritual nature of exercise, body movement as a form of exorcism, trance-inducing physicality, etc. They staged an elaborate song-and-dance with costumes, crystal skulls, prayer aerobics, Krishna statuettes, and astral projections. Thus was born “Utopia = No Person,” a 19-minute shamanistic electro work-out anthem, equal parts apocalypto opera, hippie ecstasy, and new wave cardio dance. It’s a strange vision but one perfectly in keeping with the sisters’ Now Age hypothesizing and enthused psych tribalism. The B side features an otherworldly chopped-and-skrewed dream-syrup reworking by R.E.M. Koolhaas (aka Landon Odle of the Animal Image Search label). Black vinyl LP in jackets with a stylin’ cover portrait (by Corey Towers) of Taraka and Nimai decked out in unitards/leotards, gold lamé leggings, white Reeboks, the works, plus a full-color double-sided insert. LP layout by NNF faves New Feeling Industries. Edition of 600.

  • jonas reinhardt – music for the tactile dome – nnf

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    The hermetic kosmische lexicon of San Fran-based synth synthesist/composer Jesse Reiner (Jonas Reinhardt’s founder and principal architect) has been simmering and swelling at a steady clip the past few years (2010’s Powers Of Audition was def a highlight), but the added talents of drummer Damon Palermo (Mi Ami), bassist Diego Gonzalez (Citay, 3 Leafs), and guitarist Phil Manley (Trans Am, more) has levitated the JR Experience to a whole new head-music hall o’ fame. Recorded in Berlin, mixed in SF, then mastered/cut back in Berlin at Dubplates, Music For The Tactile Dome is easily the most deep-trip micro-focus Jonas odyssey to date, nine technicolor fractals of glittering synthesizer skyways and master-crafted pulsing kraut terrariums. A handful of tracks (“Smokey Jotus,” “Hander Zader,” etc) invoke more of the classic live JR vibe, with propulsive cold-grooved rhythm sectioning, but by and large Dome is designed for heavy headphone communion, an expanding magic eye tapestry of brainwave activity constellations. Those who caught their Euro tour last year with Rene Hell know how expert this crew reigns in the live environment so go see them if/when they pass through your area code; on tour with Cloudland Canyon currently. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with beautiful spectrum-assemblage cover art by Sean Patrick. Edition of 650.

  • little claw – human taste – nnf

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    Portland, OR-by-way-of-Michigan garage gang Little Claw first tripped our radar with their self-released Why Not 7 inch, which was/is raw and physical and swingin’ in all the ways you want a 7” to be. Their LA live shows proved even more ripping and charged; we were sold. So we sprung at the offer to enshrine their latest (and best) album, Human Taste, on vinyl for the world’s turntables to adore. Packed with classic, cracked anthems (“Frozen In The Future,” “Colors You Drown”), basement weirdo stompers (“Modern Vampire,” “Breathing Tape,”) and naked art-punk riddles (“Lay To Waste,” “Summerphile”), the LP’s two sides are slyly sequenced to seduce, blind, and devour, demonstrating a rad range of attacks, escapes, claws, tongues. It’s a great late summer record: between styles, beyond genres, and aggressively alive. Taste the Taste. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with art designed by the band, plus a pro-printed, double-sided 11×17 poster/insert. Edition of 600. CD edition available on Ecstatic Peace.

  • robedoor – raiders – nnf

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    “Following their 2008 East Coast tour with Woods and Pocahaunted the Robedoor agenda has mainly been: hibernating in the City Terrace zone above east LA, adding a drummer/modular synth dealer, and letting the smoke rise. Raiders is the first RBDR LP since 2008’s Endlessly Blazing and is the result of almost six months of slow-burn transformative tape machine meditation helmed by Mr. Ged Gengras. Bummed guitars, loner drone tones, low caverns of reverbed drums and rumble, echo dislocation, and dead voices cascade down into the isolated highways. Song modes are carved out and then left to rot. Features early trio live set staples like “Indo Shadow” and “The Downcast Eye.” You can’t stick your hand in the same black river twice. Change or be changed. LPs in jackets with cover photo by Caitlin C. Mitchell. Edition of 500 (250 on marbled grey, 250 on black). “

  • emaciator – coveting – nnf

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    Misery wears many masks, but Tulare, California fatalist Jon Borges has etched his mark on most of them. For at least half a decade he’s pursued increasingly suicidal tendencies under his Pedestrian Deposit guise (which is currently on hiatus), splicing subdued loops of morbid beauty against savage canyons of harsh noise histrionics. Lately, though, he’s been straying more and more from this aggressive exercise in contrasts in favor of his Emaciator alias, which draws from the same dark wellspring of bitter memories and bipolar rage but, instead of unleashing it in grand frenzies, bottles everything up inside until it seeps out the pores. Early efforts/cassettes retained a strain of buzzing nausea reminiscent of his PD days, but the last 12 months have witnessed a complete abandonment of any ties to the past. Times are still bleak, sure, but the grey prisms of brooding ambience Borges now conjures and slowly collapses convey a depth of mood and subtlety far surpassing simple signifiers like Indifference, Resentment, Remorse. Coveting collects together five exquisite Emaciator compositions (including two particularly riveting songs that were debuted live at Echo Curio last winter) for a harrowing 40 minutes of troubled solace, crisscrossing suicide guitar lines, and entranced self-reflection. Meditation is a myth; desire does not sleep. Black vinyl LPs in shrinkwrapped jackets with layout by Borges, cover photograph by Shannon Kennedy. Mastered by Pete Swanson, edition of 430.

  • psychic reality – vibrant new age – nnf

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    Sadly (for us left coasters), in November Ms Leyna Noel aka Psychic Reality decamped from SF to NYC, but before packing up her every worldly possession and road-tripping trans-America she eked out a sliver of precious time to hole up in the studio with Phil Manley (Trans Am, Jonas Reinhardt, etc) and record her long-awaited debut full-length on thick 2 inch tape. Vibrant New Age is the result. The name says it all. But Noel’s New Age is not the 80’s redux fad of healing crystals, pastel fades, dolphin consciousness, etc, but a living, electrified awakening. From the high drama drum machinery of “Fruit” and “Expla” to the naked, airy avant-pop of “Hi High” and “Fanta” through to the stuttery, mechanized power ballad finale, “Soft Script,” this is Noel at her most majestic and fully realized and it’s a wild life-force to behold. Vibe the Vibrant. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with art/design by Ms Reality. Edition of 600.

  • mythical beast – scales – nnf

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    One of our favorite covens comes home to roost; break out the champagne/goat’s blood. We’ve long been fans-turned-fanatics of nomadic power trio Mythical Beast’s burned-out blackened sabbath songs, but even our mountainous expectations for their long-awaited debut were toppled by the reality of Scales’ reptile alchemy. Financed by Greg Weeks of Espers and tracked in a legit East Coast studio on generous banks of sick vintage gear, this 8-song LP is the aesthetic culmination of nearly four years of tours, trials, and twilit travels to the heart of the heart of the country. The results rip. Drone-ballad classics from their haunting 2006 demo like “Cycle/Circle” and “Chaos Spinner” reappear here in freshly realized forms, alongside a hefty handful of brand new tunes, ranging from quaking soul vox torch trancers to ritual string psych-rock skeletons. All pressure points are hit. The M Beast white magic wonder wheel is alive and hell-bound. Easily the high point in a discography already full of highs. Transparent yellow (streaked with black) vinyl LPs housed in glossy jackets with a pro-printed 11×11 insert. Edition of 500. CD edition available on Language Of Stone.

  • la vampires featuring matrix metals – so unreal – nnf

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    Episode two in season one of the LA Vampires Collab Chronicles finds her joining forces with elusive alien discotech-head Matrix Metals of the nomadic Outer Limits Recordings cabal. Blurry ornate cassette-loop architectures groove and grind under jazzy Casio canopies while Ms. LA Vamps screws it all down and layers in additional square wave keyboard lines, echo chamber FX, drum machine detailing, low-end throbs, and sings lead on a gold spraypainted microphone. The entire LP’s got that ‘melting-on-the-dashboard’ warped-world tonality of all the best Outer Limits tracks, and the fried radio-rhythm Matrix beats definitely coax out a cool hidden sunbleached LA V faux-pop vocal style not evident on any of her previous vinyl. Elaborately 4-tracked over the summer and microscopically mixed by M. Geddes Gengras, So Unreal is exactly that, and a rad synergistic statement by both parties. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with glamour-style Nagelized portrait/collage artwork by recent LA transplant/BFF Spencer Longo, plus a full-color insert. Edition of 600.

  • heavy winged & inca ore – ring mining – nnf

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    Been waiting multiple years for this mind-melting meeting-of-minds to finally manifest itself in physical form, and there’s actually a story behind it. Rewind to 2006: Heavy Winged is an active, Brooklyn-based psych-rock band who’ve yet to dissolve into the bi-coastal logistical tangle they exist as now; meanwhile, Eva/Inca Ore is on tour (for The Birds And The Bees maybe); meanwhile, Nick Bindeman happens to also be in NY hanging out. Since all are friends or friends-of-friends, Heavy Winged ask Nick and Eva to come jam with them at a show at Northsix for the heck of it. They do. The set is a charged, psychotropic cyclone of ragged electric weight and possessed pixie shriek, stomping up and down over several damaged mountains of riff-wreckage. Miraculously, someone thinks to record the performance. Jed Bindeman sends us a copy. Our speakers implode, we high five. Fast forward to Fall 2008: Heavy Winged record a new 20-minute epic (“Into The Fog”), send it to Eva, and she records her own hypno-bliss keyboard mirage over the top. Eureka. So goes the nearly three-year history of Ring Mining, a slow-burn triumph of long-distance collaborative patience and alchemy between two of our favorite creative institutions. Mine on, you crazy diamonds. Black vinyl LPs mastered by James Plotkin and housed in jackets with mountain-collage artwork by Eva Saelens, plus a photocopied insert. Edition of 500.