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  • rangers – pan am stories – nnf – 2xlp

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    Tape-warped phantom band Rangers finally unleashes the grainy, soaring, expansive prog-pop opus we always knew was floating inside the fretboard (and imagination) of multi-instrumentalist mystery maestro Joe Knight. The north Dallas-raised, San Fran-residing head Ranger grew up taking classical guitar lessons from a dude who claimed to have ‘toured with the Dead,’ and some of that brain-wonked jam agenda obviously seeped into the young Knight, who began recording his own loose, lo-fi jangle sprawls in 2005. But whereas last year’s critically lauded Suburban Tours LP found him condensing his cassette-crushed alien pop into 3 minute radio nuggets, Pan Am Stories uses the reverse strategy, letting each blurry strum pattern coast away and ride the breeze a bit before steering it into a fresh counter-melody or flanged-out guitar comedown. The extra breath and space gives the 13 songs a real sense of freedom and lightness and flight, layered in gentle blankets of fuzz, silky reverb, and audio collage riddles. A total saga, and a summit achievement of next-level invention for Knight as a musician (it’s insane he played/recorded every instrument on this thing!) and artist. Have been soaking in these tracks non-stop since we first heard ‘em this summer and are thrilled to get to share Stories with the world. Black vinyl LPs (mastered by Carl Saff, who worked on Suburban Tours too) in gatefold jackets with micro-detailed collage art by Mr. Rangers himself; interior artwork by Knight and Anthony Yuen. Edition of 850.

  • russian tsarlag – midnight at mary’s house – nnf

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    The Tsarlag Saga (Tsaga?) is a long and blinding road, slime-walking through the tape spools and haunted hallways of countless shuttered scum-punk houses and retired low-rent record labels. And yet, like The Crystal Ball which he memorialized in song and video, Carlos Gonzalez’s uniquely encrusted gutter-surf pop rocks continue to ride tonight, hitching into the Great American Nothingness, too true to live, too weird to die. So, after years of dedicated fanship, it is with ecstatic honor we present the latest opus in the Russian Tsarlag canon of trash classics, Midnight At Mary’s House. From ragged vagabond garbage pail anthems (“My Leg Is Numb,” “Cruising On Cardboard”) to alienated junkyard FX freakshows (“Let’s Drive,” “Phone Booth”) to the occasional sci-fi new-wave nugget (“The Gang’s All Here”), Mary’s House may well be Gonzalez’s ultimate bleach banquet time capsule to date. In addition to the tried/true detuned tube-amp guitar chop, hobo drum machines, growling sounds, pointillist toy keyboards, and cassette mold, Gonzalez has brought a freshly faded vocal delivery to the equation that’s miraculously reminiscent of “Something In The Way”-style Kurdt (wtf?). Wait till the Midnight hour; that’s when the love comes tumbling down. Black vinyl LPs with color-photocopy lipstick-portrait inserts, in smeared rock-girls jackets designed and created by Mr. Tsarlag himself. Edition of 500.

  • high wolf – etoile 3030

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    Lupine looper and general world-lurker High Wolf has traversed a range of musical micro-terrains over the past half-year (the Shangri L.A. CD, the Untitled Cassette cs, etc) and with an upcoming Holy Mountain full-length on the horizon the timing of his inaugural stateside tour this Feb/March seems extra apt. To celebrate/support the trek we offer up Étoile 3030, a subtle six song zoner-cruise through pulsing gaseous clouds, brainwashed echo percussion, free hypno-fuzz riffing, and wobbly alien bass throbs. Tracks like “Dream Is Good” and “Studio 3” find HW in particularly long-form headspaces, flatlining into innerspace, curlicues of wah burning off like solar flares, trancing with the stars. Live, his crouch-core craft comes costumed in weirdo ritual drama masks and illusionist cloaks so def bear witness if the chance presents itself. Pro-dubbed gold-foil tapes with Asiatic gallery-poster J-card art by Amanda B Brown.

  • pocahaunted – make it real

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    After a six-month hiatus, a complete line-up overhaul, a trip to SXSW, a UK/EURO tour, and a full year-plus of only playing shows and writing songs and amassing totemic objects, finally Pocahaunted return to the recorded realm with their first album since 2008. Time flies when yr having not not fun and all that. Make It Real collects seven of the band’s 2009 live staples for a 40-minute-ish collage of basement body music, garage dub damage, outsider funkadelic sprawl, voodoo rhythm workouts, duo femme soul vocal dynamics, dripping gold sweat, and dream fulfillment. Recorded barefoot and shirtless and direct to tape at Green Machine Studio in summer ’09 by M. Geddes Gengras and featuring guest bamboo sax by jazzmaster Alex Gray (of Dreamcolour/Deep Magic) and mastered by James Plotkin. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with warped LA post-Parliament utopia artwork by vision wizard Spencer Longo.

  • maria minerva – tallinn at dawn

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    Get used to this name. Maria Minerva swept down out of the clouds to our digital doorstep with several albums worth of her breathtaking bedroom fantasia silk-pop and we were smitten. The Estonian-born, London-residing synth-songstress traverses too much terrain to box her into one basic style grid and Tallinn At Dawn, her NNF debut, offers 10 points of proof. There’s lovesick alien dancehall anthems (“Strange Things Are Happening In My Room,” “10 Little Rock Chix Listening to Neu!”), 90s-ized satin-sheets dream ballads (“California Scheming,” “Unchain My Heart”), lo-fi Young Marble Giants-y instrumentals (“Stairs To Nowhere,” “Tallinn At Dawn,”), all tied together with beautiful eroticized waterfalls of Maria’s deeply-delayed vocals. There’s shades of warped Cocteau Twins cassettes, early Nite Jewel, and obscure Tokyo art-pop side projects but Minerva’s vibe is ultimately too homegrown and hermetic for simple aesthetic comparisons and that’s a huge reason (among many) why we love it so. Scope her 100% Silk 12” for another prize piece in the MM puzzle. Pro-dubbed olive tapes in retro-portrait J-cards designed by Manda B Brown. Edition of 150.

  • tg gondard – avontuur

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    ‘Wayward Belgium electronics’ would require several volumes of a radical music encyclopedia to even loosely engage the topic, and part of that reason is the endless river of new names that keeps cascading up from the cobblestoned sewers. Thibault Gondard floated on to our music map early this summer with a self-released LP of overdriven keyboard muscle, echo-warped skrewed-down drum machines, lulling air raid sirens, stained glass synth tonal pools, and alien soul vocal manipulations, and Avontuur is his freshest (and best) batch of tracks, which also functions as a debut of sorts. The opening cut, “Avontuur,” is as hybridized and electrifying as any he’s crafted thus far, slicing through the speakers with a stuttering codeine cassette-ready beat peppered with reverb handclaps and minimal keyboard riffs jacked through junk shop speaker cabinets. He’s just embarked on a two week European tour with ‘glue-wave’ post-punkers The Dreams so go huff his fumes live if he crosses yr flight path. Pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes in cases with J-cards designed by MB Brown. Edition of 150.

  • wagon tongues – shadowrock destroyer

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    you can live in la/southern cali for 40 years and still not traverse all the fucked up fringe boroughs and forgotten neighborhoods sprawling outwards in every direction, no matter how hard you hit the highways. and as long as we’ve been rooted out here, we’ve only had reason to venture into the sun-dead desert no man’s land of beaumont on one occasion, but the place speaks volumes about the weird water which hometown garbage-folk-chaos ensemble wagon tongues have clearly been drinkin’ their whole life. a creepy meeting ground of olde-tymey wild west relics and trashy meth-dealing truckstop culture, it’s an ideal breeding ground for drifters, criminals, and creative youth with singular visions. which is pretty much the name of the game on shadowrock destroyer, the tongues’ most recent ep of deranged collective chemistry. the a, “fire in the hole,” is a raw free ritual of stomping drums, loops, teen screams, guitar noise, and pots and pans, conducted in a crappy basement with cavernous reverb and black mold on the walls. confusion is king. the b rises up in a similar cloud of clatter but swings with a folkier gait, sunlight brain-fry chords, dusty horns, and possessed babble bubbling over into an ecstatic tumbleweed hayride into the sunset. squint yr eyes, raise your hand, seek the shadows. pro-dubbed yellow cassettes with hand-brushed tape labels in cases with hand-numbered full-color masked band photo cover artwork, and wrapped with a hand-cut patch of brown picnic cloth stickering. edition of 100.

  • cruise family – orbital express

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    Vienna’s most warped exporter of sideways sci-fi post-rave improv, Stefan Kushima, has cruised a zig-zagged path through laser drone and thumping euro slime to his current position, a curious no man’s land of pirated trance materials stretched into longform psych-style strobe-light sprawls. His last album, Up To Us, flirted with higher BPMs than usual but Orbital Express is a more accurate expression of Cruise Family’s specifically fried dance-damaged hyperspace. The A side track unfolds with a shimmering pool of synth drip before pumping a buried robot beat through a thousand canopies of arpeggiating squiggle and lo-fi LED ambient wash. The B piece is split into two jam zones, one a bouncy midi junk-rave groove, the other a darker, weirder drumless synth dead end, pulsing a swarming alien throb until the power gets cut. Another far-out orbit by this consistently tripped Austrian space cadet. Pro-dubbed tapes in clear cases with fold-out J-cards with ridiculous sci-fi energy ball artwork by SF Broadcasts’ main man. Edition of 150.