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  • cousins of reggae – methridge – olde english spelling bee

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    limited to 250

  • james ferraro – last american hero – oesb

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    remastered re-ish of a limited euro-cassette that came out last year on dreamtime taped sounds (the label run by lieven martens a.k.a. dolphins into the future) — featuring new cover art and extensive liner notes by mr. ferraro — this is one of my all-time fave jammers by ferraro and it is a super unique entry in his catalog with its lonesome high desert vibe and even a roadhouse boogie jam to close things out.

  • monopoly child star searchers – bamboo for two – oesb

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    A Night’s Creativity. A Parroted Companions guided tour to the most Romantic details of a Jungle’s sensbility. Imagine the elements of your most recent landscaped vision coming to life and allowing you to witness a hearts perception of the natural world. Charles Berlitz has reported this eventful experience in the form of a Romantic Poem, and the Star Searchers have invented the soundtrack. Olde English Spelling Bee and Pacific City Sound Visions invite the listener to experience the first Studio album in Pacific City’s history! Featuring James Ferraro as Rocco Martini, Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into the Future, and Eva Van Deuren of Orphan Fairytale; Playing the most exotic keyboard melodies this side of a Parrots hotly lit Plumage. This album is the first in series of Romantic Audio recordings that will later include the titles: “Make Mine, Macaw” and “The Garnet Tucan”. Do enjoy the excitement of this one of kind journey to Pacific City’s Nightlife and relax your mind’s physical limitations….

  • bruce mcclure – vouchsafe me more sound picture – oesb


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    Bruce McClure is well known on the international experimental film circuit for his unique projector performances that utilize film loops & modified 16mm projectors. But there is also an equally innovative sound element to his work and he has been embraced by the experimental music community as well. Bruce performed at the Chocolate Monk curated “Colour Out of Space” festival in 2008 and was chosen as an opening act for Throbbing Gristle’s reunion tour in the spring of 2009. During McClure’s performances the optical sound signals from each projector are fed through banks of guitar pedals, manipulated live, and played at extremely high volumes through the p.a. system. The different loops phase in and out of each other resulting in what could be described as a power electronics version of the early tape experiments of Steve Reich and Terry Riley, while sparser sections have an off-kilter minimal techno feel reminiscent of Plastikman and the early works of Thomas Brinkmann. This album features four excerpts from a professionally recorded performance in early 2009 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. Edition of 375 copies in heavy duty covers silkscreened by Monoroid.

  • thought broadcast – s/t – oesb

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    “You can not stop thinking. About 18, I finally calmed down, I thought I could stop thinking completely. I become a zombie for four years. Then, in a broken heart, I started again. I came out of the “grip” that held me tight. I started hearing voices. I also tried to kill time. First, you must confess that it’s people like you and I believe that is broadcasting the idea. It is terrible. When I look around, I am someone who is the same idea with me. My idea is to broadcast. You can read our thoughts. The first is that we can consider a bad idea (like gender or a person’s weaknesses). Second, we believe that we have the power to make people read our thoughts, even if it is bad. Because it has the broadcasting of this thought, please consider why it is a lot of people. To hear any ideas you and I are thinking of and I thought of you. Some people think that for all this world, and you can hear what you think they are. The reason for this is that you can read the mind of everyone of us. There have been times when I have an idea that I will consider ‘evil’. I do not believe them, but I know they are in my own voice in my head. Then, I would think that they have been implanted by external forces trying to influence my behavior. I just do not want it to develop into something like I do not believe, my inner voice is your own or something like that.”

    Debut vinyl full-length by Daly City, California based isolationist Thought Broadcast. Limited edition of 400 copies – 12″ black vinyl – heavy duty covers silkscreened by Monoroid.

  • autre ne veut – autre ne veut – oesb

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    “Autre Ne Veut (“I want no other”) was inscribed on the back of a gold and garnet hat ornament (ca. 1475) found at Hanley Castle in Worcestershire. It is rumored to be the gift of an English Duke to his French mistress, but this is simply conjecture.” – Metropolitan Museum of Art / The Cloisters, New York City

  • james ferraro – night dolls with hairspray – oesb

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    while your out tonight listening to records in reverse and getting off slashing tires in the night in your purple mohawk and heels sacraficing your soul to the sound all dolled up in shiny leather as a human cockroach with studs remember to pick up a copy of NIGHT DOLLS WITH HAIRSPRAY for the ultimate halloween night experience set your brain on fire with the out of this world sound from the planet airhead entertainment!!!!
    AVAILABLE halloween night!!!!

    the one and only blue haired new wave freakazoid from planet shock tart,the Glaminator himself Jimmy Ferraro of the legendary “The Blow Up Dolls of 143rd St.” comes now with his first solo fully produced juke box hit smasher!! guaranteed to run shivvers up the spines of all the lipstick and studded weirdos and queer night glammer’s with big hairsprayed hairdos out there. this one is for all the blow dryer dreamers somewhere out there singing in the mirror of their shampoo perfumed bathrooms beckoning a mysterious moon lit love.for the leather punkster muffins with green tongues and pockets filled with cheez whiz on the subway, where a world just outside the subway window leads to the back alleys of 143rd st. where the garbage pail kids from hell in metal bras all dolled up in New York Cities finest 99cent store eye shadow, blush and glitter sing the soundtrack to the seedy nether worlds of the teenage fantasy machine…Leather High School!! which is Saved By The Bell meets Marquis De Sade in it’s principle or shall we say in it’s male Principal who is a masochistic cross dresser underneath that pretty little socially acceptable mask of his.

    tune into the sound that all the lunatic love puppets are craving, the magical pop radiance that outshines their topiary styled hairdos and made them into hopelessly romantic cheetah spotted glam dolls from the underground. armed with their glammy sound that is much like the soundtrack spilling out of a 1970’s Time square erotic/b-movie theater, they parade thenight streets as TERROR THIRSTY GLAMzoids wishing upon their neon pop shooting stars, terrorizing New York City with their studs,high heels and air guitars,THIS IS THE RECORD THAT MADE THEM DO IT!!
    so if you wanna sing along in a friday night’s bubble bath or stalk the midnight streets dressed as a baroque pervo in make up pick this one up, for Night Doll’s With Hairspray has it all!!!!!!!

  • big troubles – oesb


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    Kicking off the OESB 7″ series is a new single by New Jersey’s Big Troubles. Four tracks, including an alternate version of “Drastic and Difficult” which will also appear on their forthcoming l.p. titled “Worry” in July.

  • p.a.r.a. – mermalien – oesb


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    P. A. R. A. represents Pre Atlantean Ritual Artifacts.
    It was channeled in deep sea space by Labanna Bly, in the celestial
    summer of 2008. Dedicated to my Knight, James Ferraro.
    Mermalien is a three part suite for Three Deaths to Supreme
    Consciousness: “mercury overdose”, “abyss retreat”, & “seaspace
    Limited edition of 200 copies. Paste-on covers.

  • mouthus – s/t – oesb

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    “An early recording from this Brooklyn duo. Two side-long tracks. Dense, slow but fast blasts of whirlpool sound created with guitars, keyboards and other electronics. #d edition of 350 – covers individually silk-screened & stickered.” – OESB