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  • matt krefting – high hopes – open mouth

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    Matt has been doing solo shows for a few years now using multiple old cheap cassette machines and various cassettes, some of which are recordings he has himself made. He has released some fine CDRs, but I think High Hopes is the cream of the crop so far. I am not usually fond of side long, or in this case LP length collages, but Matt shows exactly how it should be done. The whole piece has a definite architecture, with sounds sometimes returning in the building of the whole. This is not a ‘journey’ up a collaged field recording river. There are some unidentifiable ambiences, some lifted choral recordings, lo-fi breaking glass, warped keyboards of all sorts, all combined in a minimal and highly effective manner. The whole atmosphere really captures for me days and days of heavy alcohol use. Soon every event is wrapped in a warming cocoon of booze, which is both glorious and horrifying in its detachment. Even the breaking glass sequences seem lost in an alcoholic fog. This is a spectacular achievement. (If you want a non-alcohol related perspective, a lot of this music would have sounded great in the fine film (original, not fucked up version ) THX 1138.) Matt! Time to come over for some drinks! –scott foust