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  • afroditi psarra / georgios karamanolakis – orila

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    Afroditi Psarra is a media artist working with diy electronic crafts and creative coding. Her interest on sound art was developed through her experimentation with e-textiles and the use of micro-controllers for creating 8-bit rhythms and square wave noises. Her work is based on improvisation and performance and is focused on the use of gesture and the body as an interface to control sound.

    Georgios Karamanolakis is an explorer/observer of various systems and situations. The main interest of his practice consists of collecting sounds and images from hidden urban spaces and post-apocalyptic structures. The sense of memory, dystopia and mystic retro-futurism form the elements of study. He has been a city dweller since 1997 and active in In-Situ interventions with his OMIO team since 2000. He started working with sound in 2005 using field recordings, tapes, old modular synthesizers and modified machines. His live sets are based on a free improvised approach. He has organised and participated in various actions and sound events and has collaborated with artists such as Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro), PS_Stamps back, Roman Pavlov, Dimitris Papadatos (KU, Virilio), Monotonic, Giannis Kotsonis, Manos Plitsis, Giorgos Aksiotis, Savvas Metaxas, Christos Chondropouos, Michalis Adamis.

  • ua yenoh cry cry – space and order – orila

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    Taped at his Blue Cocoon household studio in Portland, Maine, Space and Order is Shon Mahoney’s first, full length album. Primarily intended as a private works recording, this cassette tape was played and edited directly on tape. Layers of psychedelic keyboards combined with physical instruments of unknown origin make up for this very basic, purely analogue setup. Space and Order orbits between its traditional origin and abstract presence.

    The Birds are Singing. Golden Hour. Give Thanks And Praise.

    Shon Mahoney is part of a small community, kerneled at Ferry Village, South Portland, Maine. Member (primarily a drummer) of the intriguing psych folk band “Big Blood”, Mahoney is a baker, an illustration-ist and a cosmic sound explorer. Ua Yenoh Cry Cry is his solo music project and Space and Order the result of a four year spiritual scan. Modern American culture is surfacing and Ua Yenoh is a subtle, yet very good example of this.

    Earth Moon Base. Spinning. Lights. Hand Drawings. Peace Noise.

  • tasos stamou – the return of the long lost one – orila

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    “The Return of the long lost one” draws influences from the various disciplines Stamou is associated with. Partly retrospective, this EP illustrates a combination of compositional and performing qualities based on his distinctive DIY approach. Keyboards, circuit bent toys, violin & prepared zither, manipulated voice and field recordings are only but a few sources for Stamou’s sound canvas. Overall, there is an earthy texture that has to do with the actual instruments and at times one is under the impression that this is installation music rather than organized recordings. Recorded at home, in London during fall of 2012, “The Return of the long lost one” is a personal, micro anthology of Stamou’s sonic autobiographies.