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  • beer damage – hobo on the face of music – our mouth

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    2013 release, edition of 250 copies.”This duo of Pete Swanson and Brian Sullivan go for the straight scuzz. Grey matter is sacrificed for damaged tones pinched through the loop in vague rhythms. Its not anywhere close to techno or anything like that… its more like the scattered ramblings of a discordant machine, drunk on software and freaking out for all the masses to hear.” – Our Mouth.

  • sightings – future accidents – our mouth

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    “It’s kind of strange to think it’s been ten years since we first saw Sightings blowing minds and circuit breakers throughout the then fresh Brooklyn loft scene. Over the years, the band has taken that ball of blare they were initially ‘known for’ and pulled it apart strand by strand and wire by wire to get to the transparent core of their sound while still retaining their disturbing qualities. Their past two full lengths, 2007’s ‘Through the Panama’ and 2010’s ‘City of Straw’ were obviously successful in this exploration, but ‘Future Accidents’ really nails it in giving up the honest-to-god barebones goods. A rawer sprawl into the pregnant nowhere sound has yet to be waxed by these gents and if’n they ever do top this, I’ll just utter the words I saw on the back of that pick-up truck the other day, ‘HOT DAMN!’” – Tony Rettman