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  • ichtyor tides – triage – oxtail recordings

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    C60 // Edition of 50. Hand-numbered, dubbed in real-time

    An organic body afloat in a sea of corrupt data, misinformation, and digital detritus. Cybernetic soundscapes that fuse man to machine and blur the lines between consciousness and computation. France’s Nikola Aklieus tunes his radio to the frequency of the cloud and listens in as binary waves wash against the shore.

  • nigro – goodbyes – oxtail recordings

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    C47 // Edition of 50. Hand-numbered and dubbed in real-time. Includes download code and full-color art by Owen Corrigan.
    A full-body immersion into deep pools of textured synth. Fluid tones circle, double, repeat, and expand. Look ahead, look back, and get lost in the middle.