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  • miles devens – atlantic woman – pacific city studios

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    Miles Devens is Surely to say Ignatz. When Bram and I were hangin out, he asked me if I thought I would have children, and of course I told him kids cant have kids, but he immediately told me he was very excited to be a father. I asked him what the boys name would be, and he said he wasnt sure, but thought that it would be funny, if its name was Miles, because in Flemish, Bram’s surname Devens, sounds like Davis, so the kids name would sound like Miles Davis. This to me seemed an easy opportunity to create the name for his album for Pacific City. i wanted it to sound like the Doors, and for it to be quite a mystical search for a woman of the “Heide”, a shrub found in a desert in Holland and Flanders. Bram’s music always struck me as a supreme solo journey, and i wanted it to have such a theme but juxtaposed with a cavernous magical area that would allow the journeyman to realize the location of the Woman of the Heide. The original cassette comes with this story translated into Flemish. It was later released by Kraak on a cd collection of Ignatz tape works. This is still available from pacific City Sound Visions for 7 DoorsHotel bucks. Cassette 40 minutes

  • vodka soap – shee ro gateway temples – pacific city

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    …A Fourth Tropical Experience Within The Stars, By Charles Berlitz. “The virtue of unearthly contents as experienced through the temples presentation of accessing the inner minds world as itself a gateway to the outerways of experience the shared dimensional space of the pacific city shee ro temple and outer space environment: the experience of the star movement within the space of the temples doorway as the correspondence between space and jungle temple sound. Using the temple as body (inner consciousness) for access outer consciousness and space. The mind reacting to its own consciousness as prepared within the temples doorway within ivy palmed structures starred within the woop gonged temple conversation to the mind and the temples door as a multipled gateway towards faceted points of conversation. Recorded within the see-ro universe meditation room Dimensions End, Pacific City 2028.” Pacific City Sound Visions

  • fourth world magazine – the spectacle of light abductions

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    After many years as half of the highly influential Skaters with James Ferraro, 2 solo albums on Olde English Spelling Bee (Black Joker and Monopoly Child Star Searchers) and countless tapes and cd’s, Spencer Clark has taken it to the next level. Layers of cosmic and alien sounds inhabit their own world and act as metaphors you can access subconsciously or explicitly. Clearer and more lucid than previous releases of his, this is a singular record of inner space exploration that operates completely outside the retro kraut-new age-synth trend so prevalent right now. Being more hi-fi than his past recordings,Spencer says “I have made an Alien Space Fusion Music that is an Aural Symbol for the pre-birth outer space-self’s new Arrival.” In this new zone, Spencer channels a more personal and spacious side of his vision, combining the rhythmic side of Monopoly Child with the abstractions of his Vodka Soap project. 12 full color pages of art, text and photos in the full size lp format. This marks the first lp release on Clark’s Pacific City Sound Visions label. It stands as his biggest statement yet and will surprise and please. A beautiful record. Now it’s yours to explore.