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  • strom noir – ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ – pantheon

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    Our long-time favorite ambient music maker joins our label for this tape. Warm, contemplative guitar tunes of Strom Noir are very good for listening on repeat in your quietest time of day, when nothing will distract you. Ambient impressionism in its best, reflecting and radiating all and everything around – through the music, through the self.


  • geb – numbered dreams – pantheon

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    In a dream… there were no borders, and everything appeared gradually. In a dream all colors exuded odors and surfaces of objects were making sounds. They blended in a beautiful melody, but it kept slipping off somewhere far away. In an attempt to catch it, we learned to fly…

    Geb is one-man project from Stavropol, Russia.

  • creation vi – tetragrammaton – pantheon

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    «One is dreaming about Many. Remaining nameless, he creates all names. When Nothing turns into Three, the cycle begins. Let the lightning go through your soul, mind and body, seeding the Tree, where is Dream becomes true, where is True becomes fourth element. These three aural meditations are facets of our gnosis, the farthest limit for living creature. Be the fourth, to face yourself. Tat twam asi.»

    Tim Six: singing bowls, voice and throat singing, guitar, hulusi, water pipes, metallic objects, field recordings.

  • SiJ – the earth shrine – pantheon

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    Second “shrine” from imaginative world of SiJ music expands the colorful landscapes of ancient myths and legends, merging tribal pulses with timeless ambient flows. Entraining mind with mysterious sounds, this album isn’t just telling stories, but invites the listener to solve enigmas of hidden shrines and symbolic tales. From here and now – to infinite beyond.
    Limited edition cdr in design cardboard envelope. Four different front covers, three of twelve different postcards inside.