patient sounds

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  • ki choquette – a house, behind a hill – patient sounds

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    Ki Choquette lives in Lee, MA. He is a musician and photographer. Here we document both of his mediums. Massive 6-fold b&w jcard displaying Ki’s photography, accompanied by two beautiful ambient pieces composed on electric and acoustic guitar.
    crystal blue c32 / 2side 6 panel folding b&w jcard

  • wylee zephyr – notes on relief media – patient sounds

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    Runge & Sage cut in loose yeehaw slowmotion. Basement dream rock layercake mellow thrash status. Crystal blue tape with color liner & jcard.

  • rug – apple-eaters: puke up logic – patient sounds

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    Rug is Zack Stenger. He makes a specific slurry of hip-hop, which is hip-hop like how dada is art. It is a reaction… It is aware of the standard, but decides to take a right-turn towards left-field, with a cracked, cynical smirk. Dolphin warbling slow motion beats slop across the headphones. Patterns emerge only to be cut short and suffocated. Is that mario jumping over a lava-pit? A crow cackled.

    This is Rug’s first proper release.
    We are pleased to pass it to you, with our own cracked smirk.
    Like an art-dealer selling duChamp’s toilet to the MoMa…

  • wellington downs – peak behind the window

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    WELLINGTON DOWNS is Matthew Sage. He uses this moniker to explore different ideas within the confines of various home-studio/recording arrangements. These sessions took place in Milliken, Colorado…in Matthew’s parent’s basement. See and hear the Welli’s travel further into spacious, nervous shoegaze, experimental pop and post-punk guitar anthems.