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  • lee noble – un look – patient sounds

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    Based in Los Angeles, Lee Noble is a musican and artist that creates provocative and generally shadowy work fused with materiality and wear. Un Look adheres to Lee’s aesthetic, feeling worn, maybe slightly musty. And yet, it offers some of his most glimmering and forward pop-structured songs yet. His voice feathers about in the dust. The drones are thick, the drums rattle and glass, guitars jangling in the hall. A phantom violinist. See through it, or don’t at all. Instead unsee.

    phantom grey shell w/ zebra imprint

  • pines – a spirit – patient sounds

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    Zachary Corsa plays a foggy brand of ambient music with his wife as LOST TRAIL. Rooted in the hills of North Carolina, the sound on PINES debut tape–Corsa’s solo project–finds him exploring ghostly folk as processed through mediums. Tape sounds hiss and warble, samples cut across and under the fog. Slowly a minimal shape is formed, an impression in passing. Folk strum and ghosts.

    pine green crystal tape / 2 color labels / 2sided color jcard

    edt 50

  • l’éternèbre – the spirit bridge – patient sounds

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    A duo consisting of Natalie Chami (Good Willsmith, TALsound) and Brian Griffith (Greyghost, Electric Sound Bath) creating temporally impossible improvised music as l’éternèbre. On “The Spirit Bridge,” contemplative synth swells, pensive vocal accents, hissing electronics, samples, guitar, etc, all adhere together to create a dense and melodious mass, a melancholic data cloud, a bridge to cross.

    rhodamine shell / spirit white imprint

  • 〄 DJM 〄 – foreground music – patient sounds

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  • the variable why – looking at the triangles

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    The Variable Why is Nick Sherman (also of Light Pollution, Barber Greene, Dust Bunnies). A Chicago ambassador, and champion amongst humans. These recordings share Nick’s exploration of space phantasy orchestral monoliths for processed guitar. If someone slipped John Williams a mickey and took him to local expressionist planetarium. There are no loops here, only digitally processed guitar phrases designed for human body space ship emersion.

    copper shell / silver imprint

  • m. sage – chautauqua (loops) tape – patient sounds

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    4 loops recorded by M. Sage and repeated at 10 minute intervals. released on black cassettes (c41) in an edition of 25 full color label and insert. cassette meditation music for slow afternoons in a landscape.

  • the kevin costner suicide pact – container ship – patient sounds

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    A massive collection of materials, shipped with care and displaced. CONTAINER SHIP is a captivating epoch for this group of ambient craftsmen. Expanding the palette of sounds, gathering subjets, an array of space. This album, a double cassette, is the strongest display of work from the group yet. Enjoy the ride, watch your head, the moon may clip you.

  • m. sage – into the world / long peace – patient sounds

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    The material for these two EPs came from the sessions for this new LP. The a-side– “Into the World” –is presented like a single, with two supporting tracks. These songs were made by sampling old 7″ 45rpm records. Sage then programmed and manipulated the samples into post-pop awareness, ambient washed radio ghosts. Julian Lynch plays clarinet on the titular track, nestled in the middle of the set. The b-side– “Long Peace” –is a 10 minute wash of manipulated nylon string guitar, with flute by Tiffanie Collins and cello by Allison Sheldon. These two sides, with very different feelings respectively, are meant to be an accompanyment to the forthcoming LP…

  • hakobune – seamless & here – patient sounds

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    Hakobune (ha-koh-boo-nay) is the ever prolific Takahiro Yorifuji, from Japan. As Hakobune, Takahiro has released an incredible library of ambient music, composed on electric guitar. Eschewing the laborious single-note, long form “drone” expectations that have saturated the ambient genre, Takahiro instead focuses on dynamic shifting melodic phrases that overlap, shimmer, flow in and out of eachother, and ultimately, make for an enveloping, atmospheric listen. “Seamless and Here,” the first proper international full length LP by Hakobune, finds Takahiro, not making a statement so much as just doing what he does best. These compostions are tight, but billow like a sheet in the wind. They are concise, but retain an air of mystery.

    This pressing, an edition of 500, comes in 5 colorways; editions of 100 each. Each colorway comes with a 150gm 12″ record in a recycled cardboard jacket, and download codes. Each record also comes with a 12×18 poster featuring color-coded artwork corresponding to the respective colorway of the record. All 500 records come with pink labels with gold print.

  • m sage – a singular continent – patient sounds

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    “Something about True North has always baffled idealists. Tectonic plates established to guide the clearer top layer. Fragments of a desired truth, liberated; landscape untouched by the human condition, no need for compass. An English road pierces the jungle. An African herd grazes at the shore of the North Sea. Finding joy in the randomization of manipulation; the globe was slowly reformed from its pieces. Listen again, and I will not think the same. I changes. The compass tilts, constantly.”

    Initially composed by Matthew Sage in early 2013, the core of this recording utilizes guitars, electronics, samples & field recordings; channeling ambient, hauntological and plunderphonic curiosities. The central material was then elaborated upon, proliferated upon, populated and redefined by a group of musicians (violinist, cello, saxophone, synth, guitars, iron). A Singular Continent stands as a collection of amorphous sonic vistas & lucid environments. History laughs like a jilted map.

    The album, a 2xLP, is accompanied by four poems written by Grant Souders (one lends a line to the album’s title) & a series of collages by Nathaniel Whitcomb (one graces the album’s cover). These works strive to further realize the elusive borders of this non-place through language and imagery.