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  • russian tsarlag – liquid nails

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    Russian Tsarlag is more easily explained as the musical counterpart to the psyche of Carlos Gonzalez rather than trying to attach it to genre or make other musical comparisons. If you’ve seen Carlos perform or look over one his records you can see that he very much tries to create a new world where he truly belongs. There is humor, although bleak, and there is a certain sci-fi feel, although faded. He has been around for a while now, and has essentially been doing the same thing throughout his time in Providence, Ri as well as now in his home of Tampa, Florida. Maybe this world of music has become a bit unfashionable into the era of post-2010 music, but Carlos’ sincerity and singularity keep a devout group of followers and his status as a cult artist both growing steadily like a happy David Cronenberg-sculpted bonus organ.

    Liquid Nails is his 3rd full length LP in a long list of cassette releases and other format releases which might also be considered full-lengths. Needless to say, Carlos is a very productive artist, he also makes comic books (either Slime Freak or Steam Walkway) and creates memorable live performances which sometimes more resemble a stand up routine than a punk show. If anything he has now honed the sound of RT into something that focuses more on song and lyric: there is less noise on these recordings and much more atmosphere. The songs are simple, haunting, and have a level of pop sensibility that is slightly cracked. Essentially, you should take some time to enter into the world of Russian Tsarlag and almost all of his releases are a fine starting point, Liquid Nails being a most certainly qualified portal (just make sure the sun is down, and the lights are off