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  • dust – ballet – phaserprone

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    Hushed moments of lyrical voice, with fractured synthesizer. Hidden exploration’s of unfolding autonomous nuance. First and possibly the last Dust release, new identity as Five Mask. Just a taste of what is to come. Formerly Earth Crown, formerly Copper Glove. Letterpressed J-Card and Pro Duplicated Tape.

  • ampax catalog – dsr.slit – phaserprone

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    Debut release by the relatively unknown Ampax Catalog. A deviantly structured odyssey by a soul wrestling with alienated absolutes. Mutant rhythm boxes, synthesized sequences and cacophonic like avant decompositions, steadily revealing a machine like vocal approach that is oddly emotionless. Hesitantly and carefully recalling a toxicant paranoid inaccuracy. Two Color Letterpressed J-Card and Pro Duplicated Tape.

  • thought broadcast – up-maker – phaserprone

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    Four song 7″ by Thought Broadcast. A schizo blend of atonal post-punk primitivism and partially submerged rhythm-box dub. A perfect mainline through TB’s singular vein of primitive calculation. This 7″ being the first vinyl release in the already rarefied TB discography. Letterpressed and die-cut sleeve with insert.