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  • ylang ylang – full moon solo piano – phinery tapes

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    “Recorded on a full moon night in Rome,
    with Giorgio Giampà’s piano and my laptop’s microphone. The voice was recorded on the balcony, with ambiant sounds. We hear my mother cooking supper, a dog barking, birds… I am not a pianist.”

    – Catherine Debard (YlangYlang)

  • øjeRum – sne – phinery tapes

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    a child once tied
    a plastic bag
    to a branch
    of a tree
    the bag remained
    tied to the tree
    for years people
    looked at the bag
    and it was said
    that they were
    the plastic bag
    and that the tree
    was life and that
    there would be
    no escape
    from existence

    All sounds and art by øjeRum Sne by øjeRum

  • inner travels – bakasyiong – phinery tapes

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    “Bakasyiong, the title of the latest collection of synth instrumentals from Inner Travels, is a Tagalog word that means “vacation.” The choice of name is a little on the nose, as the Wisconsin-based artist conceived of almost all the tracks on this new release during a nearly monthlong stay in Davao City, a town on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. But the moniker certainly fits the mood that S. Targo, the gent behind Inner Travels, presents herein. As with his previous efforts, these simple, understated compositions that dance little arpeggiated melodies and sparkling drones around the stereo field are meant to massage your pre-frontal cortex, sending you into a state of blissful relaxation. The same kind of feeling you get when you’re separated from your day job and the worries of home life while visiting another part of the world. Bakasyiong also carries with it a slightly haunted quality, particularly on “VII,” a collage of improvised performances captured on a tape deck. The rumble and hiss of the analog recording root the song’s otherwise lovely, pinging tones in the present day, and letting the listener keep one foot in reality while the rest of the body goes on a spectral journey.”

    – AdHoc

  • head dress – warsaw – phinery

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    01, 02: monome sum, compact cassette.
    03: modular synthesizer, guitar, compact cassette.
    04, 05: modular synthesizer, compact cassette.

  • sculpture / karl fousek / d hansen / glia – four way split #1 – phinery tapes

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    “Danish label Phinery is no stranger to otherworldly electronic music. Their newest release Four Way Split #1 features Sculpture, Karl Fousek, D Hansen, and GLIA. This release marks the first new music from Sculpture since their LP Membrane Pop on Software. “State Translation” and “Fashion Talk” are embedded with frayed, fractured vocal samples that comb over effervescent synth textures. Sculpture creates a sonic tapestry of transient percussive jitters that rattle to the deep reaches of the cortex. While there is an abundance of scattered bits of chewed up frequencies akin to previous Sculpture releases, there is a certain somber cloud of ambiance that permeates its way into this record, most notably on the track “En-Orb,” an odyssey into a dream-like atmosphere. Sculpture’s spastic rhythms are submerged beneath a thick gelatinous stew of synthesizers, sizzling in a cauldron amongst the vapors of a freak chemical reaction. ”


    Considering they only began operations in 2014, Phinery Tapes have wasted no time in building up a powerful arsenal of spools from fringe activists in the realm of experimental sonics. Somewhere in the region of 30 cassettes have so far surfaced from the Danish label featuring artists such as Head Dress, Ondness and Brandon Hurtado. Now the label is commencing operations on a series of releases under the Four Way Split banner, and the first move will feature Sculpture, GLIA, Karl Fousek and D Hansen.

    Sculpture are fresh from appearing on Daniel Lopatin’s Software label with the Membrane Pop LP, while GLIA has been commonly found moonlighting on Shells Rattle and his own svbfvs imprint. Karl Fousek was previously found on Phinery’s third release as well as popping up on Adhesive-Sounds and Dionysian Tapes, while we’ve been reporting recently on Devon Hansen’s more beat-orientated movements as Stefan Jós recently.

    Ahead of the release of Four Way Split #1 next week, we are pleased to get the first airing of the suite of tracks Hansen has contributed to the release. In contrast to the Stefan Jós material, under his own name Hansen is more concerned with layering up field recordings from various locales to create eerily evocative sound worlds, in line with his other work on Where To Now?

    released July 20, 2015

    Mastered by Karl Fousek

  • outer nothingness – storm debris – phinery tapes

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  • glochids – venutian formula – phinery tapes

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    Venutian Formula is marked as the first album by Glochids (James Roemer) to contain no field recordings. It is the first to feature unadorned kick drum samples, MIDI instrumentation, bowed styrofoam, modular synthesis, AM radio drift, reverb, distortion, and live performance recordings as collage elements.

    Discrete samples of Roemer’s voice form the basis of most tracks on the album; all other acoustic sources are absent. All sounds have thus far only existed internally before reaching the listener, modulated electricity and breath that has never been played into a room until reaching the end-user’s speaker. Listen on earbuds and it will have never been externalized: direct parietal connection. Composed through 12 months of handling amphibians, departing the Sonoran desert, continuous chance sightings of Venus at dawn, and engaging in new forms of non-linear thought & seeing off the grid.

  • grøn – himmelbjerg – phinery tapes

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    Grøn is the solo project of Bjarke Rasmussen, owner and founder of Infinite Waves. The project is almost three years old, and has four solo releases under its belt, with another release scheduled in 2015 (Yerevan Tapes). Over the past two years, Grøn has transformed his “cathartic drone” or “lo-fi ambient” sound into a more rhythmic ambient sound, while still fusing synths with field recordings and 4-track cassette loops.

  • marehelm – hTopI / kII – phinery tapes

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    Marehelm, the work of an anonymous Aarhus resident, tries to capture the ambivalence of being alive through ambient sounds.

    hTopI and kII both refer to specific places and times and serve as a memory of past feelings and experiences.

  • lief hall – transform – phinery tapes

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    “Lief Hall is a multi­media artist and musician from Vancouver, Canada and currently living in Berlin. As one half of Canadian ‘femme noir’ pop duo MYTHS, Hall toured with Grimes in 2012 and composed an electronic opera. Her solo music has developed out of a practice in audio­visual performance art and experimental vocal composition. Hall’s album Voices (2014) featured her work as an experimental vocalist, use looping and layering to evoke dreamlike sonic landscapes that explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm. Hall’s most recent EP, Transform, marks a new direction in her solo work. Its dark electronic pop aesthetic merges the experimental dance music sensibility of MYTHS with layered vocal harmonies, exploring themes of love, identity, and fear in a post­human world.”

    -ICAS Festival