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  • inner travels – bakasyiong – phinery tapes

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    “Bakasyiong, the title of the latest collection of synth instrumentals from Inner Travels, is a Tagalog word that means “vacation.” The choice of name is a little on the nose, as the Wisconsin-based artist conceived of almost all the tracks on this new release during a nearly monthlong stay in Davao City, a town on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. But the moniker certainly fits the mood that S. Targo, the gent behind Inner Travels, presents herein. As with his previous efforts, these simple, understated compositions that dance little arpeggiated melodies and sparkling drones around the stereo field are meant to massage your pre-frontal cortex, sending you into a state of blissful relaxation. The same kind of feeling you get when you’re separated from your day job and the worries of home life while visiting another part of the world. Bakasyiong also carries with it a slightly haunted quality, particularly on “VII,” a collage of improvised performances captured on a tape deck. The rumble and hiss of the analog recording root the song’s otherwise lovely, pinging tones in the present day, and letting the listener keep one foot in reality while the rest of the body goes on a spectral journey.”

    – AdHoc

  • head dress – warsaw – phinery

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    01, 02: monome sum, compact cassette.
    03: modular synthesizer, guitar, compact cassette.
    04, 05: modular synthesizer, compact cassette.

  • glochids – venutian formula – phinery tapes

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    Venutian Formula is marked as the first album by Glochids (James Roemer) to contain no field recordings. It is the first to feature unadorned kick drum samples, MIDI instrumentation, bowed styrofoam, modular synthesis, AM radio drift, reverb, distortion, and live performance recordings as collage elements.

    Discrete samples of Roemer’s voice form the basis of most tracks on the album; all other acoustic sources are absent. All sounds have thus far only existed internally before reaching the listener, modulated electricity and breath that has never been played into a room until reaching the end-user’s speaker. Listen on earbuds and it will have never been externalized: direct parietal connection. Composed through 12 months of handling amphibians, departing the Sonoran desert, continuous chance sightings of Venus at dawn, and engaging in new forms of non-linear thought & seeing off the grid.

  • marehelm – hTopI / kII – phinery tapes

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    Marehelm, the work of an anonymous Aarhus resident, tries to capture the ambivalence of being alive through ambient sounds.

    hTopI and kII both refer to specific places and times and serve as a memory of past feelings and experiences.

  • lief hall – transform – phinery tapes

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    “Lief Hall is a multi­media artist and musician from Vancouver, Canada and currently living in Berlin. As one half of Canadian ‘femme noir’ pop duo MYTHS, Hall toured with Grimes in 2012 and composed an electronic opera. Her solo music has developed out of a practice in audio­visual performance art and experimental vocal composition. Hall’s album Voices (2014) featured her work as an experimental vocalist, use looping and layering to evoke dreamlike sonic landscapes that explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm. Hall’s most recent EP, Transform, marks a new direction in her solo work. Its dark electronic pop aesthetic merges the experimental dance music sensibility of MYTHS with layered vocal harmonies, exploring themes of love, identity, and fear in a post­human world.”

    -ICAS Festival

  • primitive fiction – shifting frame – phinery tapes

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    Ian Franklin and Mike Nigro are both here there and everywhere, so you’ve probably encountered their sounds one way or the other. When they’re doing music together it’s under the name Primitive Fiction. Their beautiful debut “Chapters” was released by Oxtail Recordings last year.

    “Shifting Frame” is by all means an amazing experience, unsettling at times – but you know your in capable hands and true beauty and bliss is found in between the thick layers of ambience, noise and tape-hiss. This is music to drift away to – I sure have and I’ve been so excited to share this with you.
    released 18 May 2015

    “Shifting Frame” is a short-distance collaboration between Ian Franklin and Mike Nigro.

    Art by Nicolás Lamas

  • hollowfonts / d burke mahoney – panoptes – phinery tapes

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    It makes so much sense for D Burke Mahoney and Hollwofonts to do an album together – and I’m so proud to be releasing this noisy masterpiece on Phinery.

    Panoptes is inspired by the book “Panopticon”.

    The first two tracks are reworks Hollowfonts and D Burke Mahoney did on each others tracks.

    “We both collected field recordings from various travels and took a rather intrusive approach to nature, industry and each other’s personal space in some respect.”

    -Hollowfonts / D Burke Mahoney
    released 18 May 2015

    All sounds by Hollowfonts
    & D. Burke Mahoney

    Mixed by Damian Valles

    Hollowfonts thanks:
    AJO, Ben K, DBM, PCPT

    DBM thanks:
    LBM, Hollow, Alex D, Ben K, Damian V

  • dave swensen – locked in – phinery tapes

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    Dave Swensen creates experimental video sequences that examine the principles of moving imagery and the relationship between camera and object / location. His dream like video works frequently explore the use of repetition and abstract installation techniques. Locked In is a collection of organic melodies that have been extracted from their video counterparts. Influenced by the likes of Bernard Herrmann, Terry Riley and Howard Shore. Various recording methods and instrumentation were used to create each track leaving behind a transparent minimalistic theme.

  • christian michael filardo – turismo – phinery tapes

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    I’ve been thinking about tourism for the past two years and how they relate to my artistic output and upbringing in the tourist town of Sedona, Arizona. In the not so distant past I received a video message from my talented friend and artist Bucky Miller. The video was of a crumpled space blanket on a pedestal slowly unfolding. I was fascinated at how looking at an object as if it is foreign in a documentary way can change ones perspective of the object. My album “Turismo” explores that visual landscape with audio. Essentially, the album is entirely about seeing and how changing the way we see alters our perception. Think of Turismo as a soundtrack for looking. Look at an object and imagine it in another context, with different eyes, while listening to this record. What will you see?

    -Christian Michael Filardo

  • brandon hurtado – other space – phinery tapes

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    Brandon Hurtado started recording Other Spaces in August 2014. At the time a lot was changing, and finally the stress and anxiety caught up with him. Brandon decided to channel those feelings through music, to let the ghosts move through him. In order to communicate through these new sounds, he stopped seeing his friends and shut himself indoors completely.

    “I remember places more than specific events or people – sometimes these places pop up randomly, instead of fully formed memories. There are moments when I’ll remember a place, and nothing else – not the people or the time or the event itself; just the environment. I hope that these spaces can be found in this album. Overall it’s darker than the last album (as often happens), and much closer to the skin.”

    – Brandon Hurtado