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    Earn is Matthew Sullivan, known to some already as Privy Seals, his extremely harsh noise project, collaborator with underground ambient artist Sean McCann, owner of the cassette label Ekhein, one half of the group 1958-2009 and former member of the legendary Deep Jew. A prolific gentleman with an ear for blissful engulfing tones and radiance that go beyond ambient or shoe gaze. His project Earn stands as a testament at his ability to use minimalism as an approach to guitar playing to find sounds, exude gentle brushes of color and embrace the emotional state of the player. 

    On his record “A Following Shadow” which happens to be the first official Earn “album” (all previous releases were cassettes under his own Ekhein label) Matthew gives himself to us in 7 tracks of ambient goodness that take you to different moments and states within himself but intended for the listener. In his own words ” The basic theme of the record from the start was to illustrate the feeling of being outside of yourself. Almost as though you are witnessing your own life from someone elses viewpoint at all times and losing all connection to the people and events that could be possibly change your life forever.” Recorded in the attic basement and mastered by Sean McCann, this highly personal record shows an already profound experimental musician coming into his own, creating dense compositions and at moments creating glorious tonal perfection.

    Having toured and recorded with friends and fellow collaborators Rene Hell and Infinite Body, Earn is a heavy force in the Los Angeles scene that has birthed a new generation of interpreters of sonic ambience and emotionally fueled non-noise that fits into itself and nowhere else. “A Following Shadow” is a work that upon first listen makes the listener fully aware that the music contained is heavy and real. A record that moves at the pace of Earn’s life at a specific viewing with chronological songs about love, fear and being numb, being terrified of being a human and lastly a song about taking it all in and living with it.