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  • lonely mountain – live at the grey owl – psi lab

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    stark monolithic desert doom, weathered wall of sound looming in the darkness, sun-cracked windswept inexorable jams break the uneasy silence like the light of dawn on judgment day

  • loom – loom – psi lab

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    tides of surreal dissonance, pools of feedback & anticipation build behind a dam that breaks, a torrent of noise rock implodes into bleak chaotic drone, only to rise from the smoldering ashes

  • king mary – entre heartache/dreambait – psi lab

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    slow motion lucid dream pop ballads dusted with playful industrial experimentation, hypnotic crystalline harp, mesmerizing angelic vocals, hauntingly beautiful otherworldly songcraft

  • shameless friend – shameless friend – psi lab

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    ambient americana, warm delay soundscapes, intricate guitar passages, some meander alone, others gently layered, hushed refrains frozen in place, time stands still, for a moment