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  • lost trail – names outlive their moments – psi lab

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    ZACHARY and DENNY WILKERSON CORSA have been proliferating their “ambient / drone / experimental / ethereal noise project” since 2010 – this is their 35th album, approximately – if you consider their EPs and splits then this lands a lot closer to their 100th release, and with each new work they become more and more one of the most crucial musicmakers my ears have ever heard, and this is without question one of their absolute best yet, tilting toward the noisy shoegazing end of their spectrum with torrents of grayed out distortion, wisps of angelic tones & wistful melodies

  • tresilaze – atlas – psi lab

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    an ambitious sprawling ambient drone concept album, carefully considered yet very much in the moment with elements of industrial, minimalism, post rock and psychedelia, all thrown into a huge melting pot, guitars shift from ROY MONTGOMERY to STEVEN R SMITH to SPACEMEN 3, synths from ENO to SCHULZE to CARPENTER (note: the references are fitting, but there are no synths on this album, it is 100% guitar) – there’s a lot to take in on this hour long magnum opus that is dizzyingly dynamic at times yet strongly cohesive, a singular undercurrent keeps everything together, flowing in the same direction, a tall order that TRESILAZE pulls off without a hitch

  • lonely mountain – live at the grey owl – psi lab

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    stark monolithic desert doom, weathered wall of sound looming in the darkness, sun-cracked windswept inexorable jams break the uneasy silence like the light of dawn on judgment day

  • loom – loom – psi lab

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    tides of surreal dissonance, pools of feedback & anticipation build behind a dam that breaks, a torrent of noise rock implodes into bleak chaotic drone, only to rise from the smoldering ashes

  • king mary – entre heartache/dreambait – psi lab

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    slow motion lucid dream pop ballads dusted with playful industrial experimentation, hypnotic crystalline harp, mesmerizing angelic vocals, hauntingly beautiful otherworldly songcraft

  • shameless friend – shameless friend – psi lab

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    ambient americana, warm delay soundscapes, intricate guitar passages, some meander alone, others gently layered, hushed refrains frozen in place, time stands still, for a moment