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  • corum – magic mirror – psychic sounds

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    “Corum constructs a mind-melting psychopharmacological vision wherein rhythms and melodies ooze into and out of focus. He brings a psychedelic atmosphere, one not culled from a traditional sense, but of a deeply innate ability to transform a space sonically creating a more spiritual, or visceral affair.” “This year sees the release of Magic Mirror, a new solo collection that finishes out a loosely themed trilogy of solo records. The new LP is world music in the broadest sense of that term, incorporating drum rhythms from Africa, instrumentation from the Middle East, and very Western electronic elements. A welcome celebratory and hypnotic vibe, which will perfectly match the incantatory spirit of his work.” – ROBERT HAM, Portland Mercury

    Final album of the Beguiling Isles Trilogy (Beguiling Isles / Effigy Mounds / Magic Mirror).

  • million brazilians – slip enchantment – psychic sounds

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    The new work, captured in the Northwest at Olympia’s famed Dub Narcotic studio and the band’s own Hive Studio, maintains the hypnotic entanglements of their previous work while adding in some welcome intrusions of noise and some horror movie soundtrack atmospherics. Just listen to how “A Coin Set Upon Crossed Roads” creaks to life like a Golem finding its balance before slowly breaking into an elegant ndlamu, urged on by Suzanne Stone’s wild vocals, the drums of James Shaver, and the unholy scrape of guest player Idaho Joe Windslow’s gongtar.

    The flipside – the three movement “Triple Torch” – takes the opposite tack, bouncing into the world with a dangerously charming grin and the jangle of metal on metal before the second section wheezes into view through the skein of hair-raising reed work via Corum and friend of the Brazilians Arrington de Dionyso on contrabass clarinet. It’s not necessarily relaxing or calming. It’s more like setting a steady buzz into your medulla oblongata to facilitate the flow of blood to your extremities. You’ll feel alive and tingling and fully aware. Get a cassette deck that will play both sides in a loop to better facilitate the immersive experience of Slip Enchantments. Your mind and body will thank you for it.” – Robert Hamm, Experimental Portland

    -Professionally dubbed onto chrome tape with optional Dolby B
    -Color art & insert
    -Running time: 34 minutes

  • corum – black or white orpheus 2 – psychic sounds

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    “Place of the Hidden Sun is a minimal abstract mystery of human beatbox style hyper rhythmic arrangements weaved with strange fields of glimmering melody to create lo-fi spiraling pop ambience. Hailing from Milan, Italy, Adele H. uses looping repetitive flowing vocals worked into beautiful circular figures adding pulses of breath, claps and hand percussion paced on repeated short spoken pieces. There’s so much going on, and the vocals are more like another instrument, like a more psychedelic, more augmented textual brilliance. Corum plays soft focus prismatic choral shimmers underpinned by woozy high end melodies molded into new warped shapes of sound. The result is is strangely hypnotic, not just the words, but the percussive elements of recorded female vocals that are transformed into beats sprinkled amorphous shards of choral synthesizer, creating weirdly meditative trancelike expanses. It’s so easy to get totally lost, letting the words and sounds, the pulse and throb transport you to some strange world where sound and speech, music and words, blur into something wholly other.” – Chris Webb, for

    ARTIST NOTES: Long strings of formidable words create a rhythmic trance of fused human vocal ability and starry keyboard sounds. Shimmering conjurations have a real effect in exalting the consciousness of the listener to the ‘proper pitch’ as rising and descending echoes into the Never-Never Land Underworld. “The plasticity of our human minds exalted to a pitch of evocative suggestibility moulded into words containing intrinsic magical energies resulting in tapping and unsealing the subconscious, or ‘Place of the Hidden Sun’.

  • black or white orpheus – votive transmutation shrine – lost discoveries exotic music shop

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    Black or White Orpheus is a sprawling 34 minute slow burning spell infused sonic dream and totally psychedelic jam, murky and lo-fi, Zurna’s guitar unfurls in sheets of blurred sound that slowly coalesce into soaring wail melding with plenty of distant chant motifs in the mesmerizing blur creating a medieval space jam. To those familiar with the trance grooves and tropical ceremonial mythology that have riddled Corum’s recordings for the past few years, this “Black or White Orpheus” album is a surprisingly dark brooding composition, but one that doesn’t detour from his manifestations of free-will. For this album, Corum and Zurna have drawn a parallel from the ancient theologic texts of Orpheus and modern tragic tale of a ghost of doom past, Michael Jackson, creating a an evolving, choral requiem prefaced by a reflection on MJ’S rise, and delcline, symbolizing a sacrificial child for vice worship culture. The set runs from thin, metallic tones forming into detailed helix patterns in a way that evokes the more minimal sides through starry keyboard patterns which in turn parts to reveal the kinda hallucinatory weave you might associate with Corum’s work. Opening with tinkling bells, long drawn out tones on some sort of horn, all very meditative and spiritual, with monk like chants woven into the fluttering field of shimmer and tinkle. It is affectingly reprised in the album’s final track morphing into ascendant celebratory sonic sprawl of looped vocal drone mesmer, and an utterly absorbing one. Overall BOWO is a patient, edgy, atmospheric use of interwoven voice, guitar, and electronics creating a hypnotic work with woozy textures of bells, harp, viking horns and haunting vocals feeling that somewhere in the distance the silhouettes of mysterious hooded worshipers make a thunderous accent from the glowing underworld and into the skies. The result is a broody, eclectic and at times minimalistic fusion that alternately drone menacingly and truly pulse like heartbeats through the magickal ceremony.

  • experimental India radio – puja samagri pipers / mummy dust trippers – lost discoveries exotic music shop

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    “Flurries of tabla beats and wind whipped strings plunge into a dense dizzying swirl, belching into a strange mix of a energetic bouncy organ line, electronic beeping, gliding reed instrument sounds build around a rubbery street dance. Puja Samagri Pipers features Idaho Joe Windslow’s gongtar (apparently a frankenstein of a gong and hacked up bass) calling out like some tinged Appalachia string buzzing snake charming ritual with lots of shifting overtones creating all sorts of glorious tonal color. Wild and loose, spirited and free like something you’d hear on a Sublime Frequencies comp, which makes sense as these sounds are so indebted to musics both Middle Eastern and Indian. Following is a sombre tune with sarangi riff as a mesmerizing melody locked in step with the descending percussion, the two instruments engaged in a gorgeously warbling drone, as well as a mangled trumpet and churning gamelan clatter that would be right at home on a a seriously expansive travelogue record.

    The flipsside titled “Mummy Dust Trippers” begins with a Burmese harp sway into a killer, super dense and aggressive, fiery and fierce workout by a trio featuring a distorted thick backdrop of chopped vocals and beat, recorded in Morocco by Sewn Leather’s Griffen, with a tinkling spray of Corum’s high notes ringing out while Windslow’s gongtar moans low like a wild simian all looped into an incredibly hypnotic groove. The record finishes with a washed out Korla Pandit style sweeping organ of ascending arcs of mystical transformative sounds, subtle and serene, raw and lo-fi, but no less psychedelic creating a sway of sonic accent right into a soundtrack for an incense filled remote hidden desert alcove for practicing sorcerers.

    And like the first volume, these five tracks are dizzyingly melodic and exotic, multiple horns unfurling buzzing, bleating melodies, all tangled up into strange harmonies, draped over super tranced out percussion, propulsive and hypnotic, woozy and wildly psychedelic. Highly Recommended! SUPER LIMITED. WE ONLY GOT A HANDFUL OF THESE, AND AS ALWAYS WE’RE NOT SURE IF WE’LL BE ABLE TO GET MORE.”

    -Professionally dubbed in stereo on Cobalt tape

    TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 32 Minutes

    Side 1: Puja Samargi Pipers
    Side 2: Mummy Dust Trippers

    Recorded and Mixed by Corum
    ‘Mummy Dust Trippers’ originally recorded in Morocco by Sewn Leather
    Gongtar, Burmese Harp and Airtar by Joe Windslow

    Released as cassette on Lost Discoveries Exotic Music Shop label.
    Distributed by Psychic Sounds Research & Recordings

  • million brazilians & thollem electric – volcanic gremlin magnet -psychic sounds

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    “Wonderfully weird collaboration, between avant free jazz tribalists Million Brazilians and legendary improvised pianist Thollem McDonas creating a combo of yet another freaky transmission from whatever otherworldly outpost these mysterious Portland free jazz & drone outsiders call home, and lordy, is it chaotic, throbbing and beautiful. Eerie wavering electric insect buzz delicately unfurl near the start, quiet and pretty… that gives way to a ceremonial gong call churning into a rhythmic jam of deep bass and cyclic hand drum groove, super fuzzed-out organ, angular guitar thwack, flute coloration, and wailing sax sometimes in perfect harmony, other times exploding into an eruption of turbulent jazz freak out truly sounding like a primordial opening of volcanic cavern. Within those various sounds, MB & Thollem, intentionally twist everything up, adding all kinds of evocative noises, woozy marimbas, mysterious rumbles, swirling jungle drums, sonic detritus of bells, shakers and ghostly calls that seem to unfold and flower and splinter into all sorts of different shapes and sounds as the set progresses forming some sort of scene like a Central American ritualistic exorcism into ecstatic celebration ending with a gorgeous distant flute calling. The Million Brazilian’s sound have managed to be dangerously distinct and totally prolific, but completely enigmatic and underground at the same time. With Thollem’s range between spastic gritty textures to enthralling minimalist pulsations of a well tempered synthesizer, “Volcanic Gremlin Magnet” creates a lush, expressive, and alien strain of jazz. It’s a fantastic 54 minutes, all right! Highly Recommended!”

  • corum – effigy mounds – psychic sounds

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    “Corum, of ‘dyngia jazz’ group Million Brazilians, now releases Effigy Mounds, or Ceremonial Music for Spore Alter as he’s subtitled it, a self described “Post-Summer Solstice flesh offering response to the witnessed symbiotic relationship of the cyclical worship songs of day and night coinsiding with revelations by entheogenic rituals with an aim to penetrate into the inner subterranean recesses to perforate behind the veil of matter into the world of primal causes” Following the exotic and electronic jazz form as the pulsating primordial spirits of his first album titled Beguiling Isles, Effigy Mounds plays back like a hallucinatory cave field recording where snippets of tape were collaged to reveal the waves of a deep portal opening, sounds of bubbling ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulse of spores landing in Earth’s atmosphere by way of shooting stars. Less exotica and more experimental, Corum’s latest document plays like an alternate soundtrack to the film Altered States in some forbidden South Pacific isle lodge during the magical dialogue of extra terrestrial speech.

  • idaho joe windslow – secret fleas in the dwarf palace – psychic sounds

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    Idaho Joe Windslow is the inventor of the gongtar (cello with gong resonator), singing bowl gamelan (which is played standing with a back brace of mannequin arm singing bowl holders),
    and the voxtar (amplified sympathetic string fixture excited by voice).
    He backs himself up with a collection of exotic drum machines from India and the Middle East. Using hypnosis and lyrics he aims to send the listener into altered states of consciousness.

  • million brazilians – dry jungala – psychic sounds

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    “Million Brazilians sound like a corps not of this hemisphere, but one influenced by its discoveries via travel and/or scouring the deep web.
    Separated into nine untitled compositions, Wet Dry Jungala clings with a humidity mostly foreign to the North Americas. It’s not to be mistaken for the escapist brand of tropicalia – the sort that inspires relaxation and cabana service – but rather the hysteria of eight days in the desert, the spiritual exhaustion of following a shaman into a sweat lodge, and the endurance of trudging through a rainforest bog, swatting off mosquitos.
    Save for the ominous western Americana of “Untitled VI”, Million Brazilians transfix to the percussive drone of Eastern worship hymns, and an experimental flare for complicating their world music into claustrophobic depths of psychedelia.“Untitled V” mimics the bass groan of bullfrogs against rough transmissions of spoken word. Terrifying shrieks and yips like those of post-punk heroines past are pitted against free jazz skronk and tribal trance on “Untitled IV”. Once referred to as “dungeon jazz”, Million Brazilians’ Wet Dry Jungala denies pigeonholing with each untitled passage.”

    -Blake Gillespie, Impose Senior Editor

  • white gourd – hermit la lune – psychic sounds

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    Suzanne Stone as ‘White Gourd’ is US Pacific Northwest’s hidden treasure. Known for her abrasive sax & voice in the esoteric jazz trio Million Brazilians, Stone approaches her unique solo performances as White Gourd from a very different angle often involving dreamy saxophone, neo-Nico vocals and haunting key textures as a ritual tapestry of tarot-influenced blessings. ‘Hermit La Lune’, her latest LP on Psychic Sounds, contains a very eerie spectral landscape from which sings spells of solitude and seasonal cycles over waves of bells, water animal wails, sword sharpening and etheric piano work seamlessly through this timeless witchy advancement. Highly Recommended!”

    -Limited Edition pressing of 300
    -Silver laced screenprinted cover