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  • matthew barlow – of waves – rainbow pyramid

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    Good Vibrations from Twin Springs Tapes founder Matthew Barlow

  • azaleas & joshua dumas / creation VI – rainbow pyramid

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  • anchor store – rainbow pyramid

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    Extended 94 Minute Type II Cobalt Cassette including the works: KIRCULZ Side One and Two and Mercati di Traiano

  • andrew weathers – real life rock and roll – rainbow pyramid

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    // Soft Desert Diamonds – UFO Crush \\ from Oakland
    Artwork Collaboration with Gretchen Korsmo

    A SIDE
    Don’t Forget Check Out the Sky Today Under
    Archuleta Mesa
    Respect to Jamming Econo

    B SIDE
    Hot Boiling Sun Coming Over
    Deep Permian Basin Odessa Breeze

  • meta mora – temperate worlds – rainbow pyramid

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    Late Night Silk Tropicals from Boston

  • wave temples / heat sureens – split – rainbow pyramid

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    Dusty Headed Sojourners Reach the Apex by Dusk. Split Cassette from II hidden Florida’s.

  • demonstration synthesis – ds10 – phinery tapes

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    Smooth Synthetics from Montreal
    Produced, performed, and recorded by Daniel James Leznoff
    Layout and Craft by Rainbow Pyramid

  • puerta del sol – puerta del sol – rainbow pyramid

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    Double repeat c103 from Rainbow Pyramid.
    Puerta del Sol is magical-realism in creationism, elemental humanity created from the sun and lake. Mensajero Sideral is an extended capture of the stars in a lakefront wind serenade of starlit skies against the drone of cosmic microwave background radiation. Sak Yant enters deeper into raga territory, monophony against tanpura and tabla. Lagos Gemelos, as the name implies, is panning hammered dulcimer of lake reflected light mirrored melody between artists Pan del Indio and Oliwa, the explorer contributors to Puerta del Sol. I am where I was against the lake in indigenous lands, other planets and times, whispers of recording the exploration of ruins.

    What is this place, seeming time travel in the 5th dimension and the next 1,000 years around the singularity? Plainly noted as 103 minutes, it is timeless. Verses on transcendental states, the beginnings of a Second Saturn cycle, it’s leaps into the Desert and the Amazonas. Mezcalito is plains of calm rolling synthesizers, the stars trailing overhead, the naked void, insects and wiser spirits chattering observantly but intelligible. The astral travel meditations and river streaming over with the sounds of psychedelic shamans rising in chant, and seeing the colors of our rainbow body origins, the reservoir of divine light from Wiracocha. A worm hole between past-future, the longer human genome route from India to Inca over 60-90,00 years, the sounds of indigenous-universal truths clearly heard but historically forgotten? I asked Rainbow Pyramid to speak about origins:

    I believe it originally came up during a conversation with Pan del Indio early on in the year. The album was recorded through the spring for Rainbow Pyramid and we kept in touch. I got the masters on the Sumer Solstice and just let it play non-stop on repeat. I was overwhelmed at first by how intense and positive the energy of final product came out and it set the tone for an epic summer.
    I’ve had such a similar experience of nights endless tape repeated. As for what resonates:
    This album strikes the perfect balance between warm analog saturation and the pristine, through deep pulsating waves that emanate from low frequency vibrations and soaked deep in ancient echoes.
    The cassette is well produced and saturated with deep folk mysticism, clarifying on the tape deck and paired brilliantly with the magical intentional illustrations of Figueroa.

  • astral plains drifter (sos) – sight of sight – rainbow pyramid

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    Originally a very limited self release in 2007: C64 cassette reissue of SOS (Astral Planes Drifter) – ‘Sight of Sight’ (blue c64)

  • paw paw – afterglow – rainbow pyramid

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    Colorado Star Child; Deep Pulse After Glow