rare youth

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  • eli keszler ‎– livingston – rare youth

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    Recorded May – September 2007 in Hudson, NY.

    Edition of 300 copies.

  • geoff mullen – wind chimes – rare youth

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    “Limited pressing of 250 copies, on clear vinyl. Wind Chimes gathers material from a recent sound installation and performance. Following up on his last LP, Filtered Water, Mullen continues to use site-specific recordings as a means to explore the sonic characteristics of a given space; yet here the focus is on the idea of feedback-as-process. Using field recordings and staged acoustic environments, Wind Chimes introduces us to a familiar object – in this case, a pair of mass-produced bamboo wind chimes – and listens as they undergo a series of sonic and spatial manipulations. The original sounds are copied and altered, and eventually re-amplified in different spaces, until new forms emerge and collide with both real and manufactured fidelities. The LP version is presented as a series of miniatures, cut in mono, with liner notes and links to additional audio for a wide range of home-listening possibilities. Ideal for blending with your own home-electronics, HVAC’s, and outdoor wildlife. Each record is housed in a white tip-on sleeve and comes with a color paste-on and insert.”

  • (d)(b)(h) – not all girls just wanna have fun – kremlin – rare youth

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    free and focused extended-jams courtesy of this rag-tag collective from bloomington, indiana. 

    recorded in 2007-2008, this tape may or may not include the following bunch of american head-trippers: justin clifford rhody, clare hubbard (caethua), keith wright, jail (coughs), jeff witscher, dave + corey + davey (puke attack!), all the hot fighter #1 guys, kray fanny,ben myers, greg blakemore, dorey fox, chris barth + a few others.

    recorded live (no overdubs) onto a small one track thrift store tape deck. tribal and bizarre,not quite fitting into any of the pre-charted territories…

  • plane – kremlin – rare youth

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    johnson county guitar duos from iowa’s evan miller and phil ochs. i first heard plane when i was visiting iowa city for the first time. phil was screening some of his gorgeous super 8 filmsand plane provided the soundtrack via cassette deck. it was the perfect tonic after a long drive from chicago … with scenes of county fairs and kids goofing off in the iowa hills. there’s a wonderful melancholy to all these songs, and a great rapport between phil and evan, with just enough fuzz, tremolo, and finger-picking to put a large smile on my face. very refreshing!