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  • joane skyler – aws – reckno

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    You stride boldly across the courtyard when you hear the unmistakable sound of an archer releasing an arrow from his bow.

    Do you:

    A) Accept your imminent demise in a quiet and dignified fashion.

    B) Release a blood curdling scream which will haunt the dreams of the archer untill the end of his days


    C) Focus on the time remaining and admire the skill and accuracy of the archer and the grace and precision of the arrow as it approaches your eye,
    taking special care to notice the dust particles as they dance in a sunbeam which brings back a momentary yet intense feeling of euphoria and
    nostalgia for a simpler life in times past………

    Using the sounds from Joane Skyler’s ‘orz’ tape as source material, the music has been re imagined into new shapes and colours by a perfectly curated
    team of oddballs, thinkers, outsiders and fuckheads.
    Featuring the work of: Alan James Read, Blackpepper, Brogan Bentley, D.hansen, Foodman, Gila, Grouphums, Ibiza Sunrise, Jason Kerley, Joane Skyler,
    Kinlaw, LBNHRX, Norwell, rkss, Sue Zuki, 2Lon, Yaaard & Yearning Kru.

    This is one of Reckno’s most intense and beautiful trips.

    Limited Edition pro dubbed grey cassette tape

  • eating flowers – god was a white tailed deer – reckno

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    “Beyond the field, there is a clicking of antlers, a sound that feeds from the earth and waits.”

    Reckno is extremely proud to present the debut release from Eating Flowers.

    I know virtually nothing about this composer other than he makes unbelievably direct music that dials right into the hippocampus.
    I have walked about with the tracks that eventually became ‘God Was A White-Tailed Deer’ for many months now and I’m still shocked at how such simple elements can be so effective. At times he channels the Basinski melancholy without the infinite duration, at others broad bands of pure color. There is no sentimentality here, nor hyperbole– only a dense, vital naturalism.

    The buck stares through you.

  • norwell – morfozis – reckno

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    Reckno is exremely proud to present Morfozis by Norwell.
    In my mind Norwell sits in some strange circular spacecraft at the edge of outer space composing music very much for inner space.
    Beautiful unhurried synths swirl in the wind and gain momentum, after time a beat may come along to drive the whole thing to it’s natural conclusion.
    Nothing sounds forced, as organic as moss.
    This release is seen by Norwell as a bridge between his old working methods and of those on show in his later EP’s.
    If you need pointers think of the effortless and elegant music of Harmonia or early Oneohtrix Point Never.

    Limited Edition pro dubbed red cassette tape

  • aygeetee – imminent orphan – reckno

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    Reckno is extremely proud to present Imminent Orphan, a highly personal collection of music by AyGeeTee and his second release for the label following Eternity’s Conceit earlier in the year. The same spirit of endless mutation and forward moving propulsion pushes these eight tracks ever forward and skyward. The real instruments (sad pianos and shimmering drum machines) collide with computer mutation, improvisation and freedom, loads of freedom.

    A sense that anything can happen is always present in AyGeeTee’s tracks. They seem to evolve naturally as if sound is constantly being created and tweaked and someone has jacked into an open channel and made a sound grab of a particular moment in time. The rule book has been shredded, set on fire and sprinkled over this music coating it in a welcoming faraway haze.

  • alan james read – – reckno

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    Reckno is extremely proud to present the first art artefact under his own name by composer, listener, artist and all round great human Alan James Read. Two ever changing yet always the same minimalist compositions occupy a side each on this tape. This music doesn’t have many obvious parallels; metallophone hail stones falling on a well tuned roof or an American primitive one string Zen ensemble.

    Visions of a robotic harpist in a sunlit field, the sky is a metallic blue; ancient and futuristic, stationary and swirling, a 3D audio sculpture of a waterfall.

    Pro dubbed clear tapes
    Artwork by Alan James Read

  • teresa winter – oh tina, no tina – reckno

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    Reckno is extremely proud to present Oh Tine No TIna by Teresa Winter.
    Teresa first came my attention with the superb ‘Seven Sisters’ tape released on the CACAO label a few years ago. On the 9 tracks that make up ‘Oh Tina No Tina’ the unique homemade and hand stitched approach set out on her debut is expanded. These are devotional VHS post rave meltdowns of the highest quality. Teresa seems to be wringing magic out of the most stripped down set up: organ, smudged samples and smashed up drum pre sets. The singing is beautiful throughout and sounds like it’s turning to steam as it goes along, wrong footing convention and painting a picture of a singer dissolving in a watery infinity.

    Pro dubbed green sparkle tapes
    Art by Teresa Winter

  • street thunder – galaxies – reckno

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    From the deepest and blackest part of space/time comes Galaxies, a completely different set of compositions from last years Bonfire Gecko Hex but told in Street Thunder’s unique, overloaded language. Heavy doses of amplifier worship hint at a very private ritual which explores the vastness of space, the explosion(s) at the birth of universe, star death/rebirth and total overwhelming nothingness all bathed in beautiful white light. Some sculptors slow down their heart rate in order to carve a solar system in the eye of a needle, this was clearly made in that zone.

    Draw a straight line and follow it.

    Edition of 75 white pro dubbed C40s
    Art by Chris and Jemima

  • duncan harrison – others delete god – reckno

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    Beauty is a rare thing. I first caught Duncan Harrison playing in an old bank vault where he was performing as part of a duo with Dylan Nyoukis. During their short set they gave out a lot of information: abrupt tape edits, vocal approximations of frog sounds, inverted poetry, gibbering sheets of conversation, red wine, freedom and pure energy. I walked into the cool night air with my brain on fire and a lump in my trousers.
    Reckno is very proud to present ‘Others Delete God’. Degraded drones, hand percussion, field recordings and memories of jazz frame two beautiful spoken pieces where Duncan conjures multiple versions of himself from the infinity mirror to assist in getting his message across. The music appears to have been left to marinade in the fridge with the door left open all summer to mature, change, ripen and mould until it’s rich and tasty: eat.

  • kinlaw – chorus † mysticus (white) – reckno

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    Kinlaw aka Hamish Trevis crafted a tape of perfect pop music, the results were then put through a filter of black magic, country air and a vague memory of R&B from the mid 90s and named ‘CHORUS † MYSTICUS’.

    Side A, ‘Chorus’, is full of choice pop cuts left to curdle in the shadow of DJ Screw. ‘Mysticus’, side B, is a darker and much more textured journey with bright melodies and shards of beat popping into focus like a sonic magic eye painting suddenly revealing itself before returning to buzz and static.

    Everything sounds old and weathered like a rubbing of an ancient artifact saved on a scroll and left to the point of decomposition before being pushed back into the digital realm for one final polish.

    Featuring contributions from Aylu and Blvcktvnio. This Kinlaw’s longest and most rewarding statement yet. Reckno is truly honoured to be putting this out.