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  • joe mcphee – alto – roaratorio

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    Alto joins Tenor and Soprano to complete a discrete trilogy within Joe McPhee’s catalog of unaccompanied waxings. Recorded live at a Lower East Side bar in 2009, McPhee’s explorations on alto saxophone and alto clarinet are alternately fiery and contemplative, imbued with the masterful intelligence that’s marked his work for over forty years. A limited edition of 524 copies on 180 gram vinyl, with a Judith Lindbloom silkscreen print on rice paper and liner notes by Hank Shteamer. Digital download coupon included.

    A special lettered edition of 26 copies, with hand-painted covers by Judith Lindbloom, signed by Joe McPhee, can be seen here (sold out).

    “McPhee brings the same soulful yearning and exacting intelligence to the alto as to his other instruments… [his] inclusiveness and the discipline with which he exercises it, rather than the fact that he’s playing alto horns, is the real significance of this record.” – Bill Meyer, The Wire

    “Alto realizes uncountable details of the lanugage he continues to uncover, whether or not those details plump up muscular abstractions or ornamentally twist the skeletons of old tunes.” – Lyn Horton, All About Jazz

    “an amazing amazing document by master McPhee. all on alto (-sax and -clar )….he is a monster. this music is HEAVY… it doesnt get heavier… totally FANFUCKINTASTIC!”
    – Mats Gustafsson

  • talibam! with daniel carter – the new nixon tapes – roaratorio

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    The Man From Plato 3000, Whose Resource Efficiency
    Ear-A-Rounded The Antiquity Pixel

    Listen Organist Dick Hyman, Whose Art Tatum Studies
    Crowdsorcerers Swallow The Cornucopian Logic Of…
    Since 2003, NYC’s Talibam! have been charting a course through the
    improv waters in a way that few other groups can pull off. Rock, jazz,
    noise and all stops in between collide in an aggressive mix that
    defines free music in the best sense of the term: nothing is deemed
    out of bounds. Too much fun to be a po-faced postmodern exercise, and
    too expertly played to be sunk in a morass of good intentions, The New
    Nixon Tapes hurtles through two side-long pieces in an agile cascade
    of rhythmic and melodic ideas. Kevin Shea (drums) and Matt Mottel
    (synthesizer) have worked with Cooper-Moore and Rhys Chatham, among
    others; here they’re joinecluded.
    -roaratoriod by master saxophonist / trumpeter /
    flautist Daniel Carter. Recorded live in the WFMU studios. MP3
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  • pauline oliveros – to valerie solanas and marilyn monroe in recognition – roaratorio

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    ..Of Their Desperation. “Shortly after it was published in 1968 the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas fell into my hands. Intrigued by the egalitarian feminist principles set forth in the Manifesto, I wanted to incorporate them in the structure of a new piece that I was composing. The women’s movement was surfacing and I felt the need to express my resonance with this energy. Marilyn Monroe had taken her own life. Valerie Solanas had attempted to take the life of Andy Warhol. Both women seemed to be desperate and caught in the traps of inequality: Monroe needed to be recognized for her talent as an actress. Solanas wished to be supported for her own creative work. Commissioned by the Music Department of Hope College, Holland Michigan, To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation had its premiere in 1970. Though everyone knew Marilyn Monroe hardly anyone recognized Valerie Solanas or took her Manifesto seriously. I brought the names of these two women together in the title of the piece to draw attention to their inequality and to dedicate the piece.” — Pauline Oliveros.
    “This LP contains both the 1970 Hope College premiere, performed by a 14-piece ensemble, and a 1977 recording from Wesleyan University, performed by a 43-piece orchestra. Roaratorio is proud to present the first commercially available release of this eerie, beautiful, and important Oliveros work. Cover artwork by Judith Lindbloom. Download coupon included.”

  • paul metzger – anammestic tincture – roaratorio

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    Anamnestic Tincture is a live album by virtuosic musical carpenter Paul
    Metzger, culled from many hours of concert recordings. Side one comprises
    Metzger’s public debut on his modified banjo, recorded in 2002 at a former
    church-turned-underground art space in Minneapolis. One of his most
    memorable compositions, “After Milo” later turned up as an untitled
    improvisation on his CD for the Chairkickers label. Jumping ahead six years
    (and several more banjo alterations later) to side two, the glittering
    “Orans” gets a workout at a memorial show for the artist Matt Zaun. As an
    acknowledgment of the occasion, Metzger also gave a one-time-only
    performance — “Dark Green Water” — on another of his mutant instruments:
    an acoustic guitar with the body drilled out to accommodate a cymbal set
    into its face, and ten assorted strings of varying lengths laid over the
    top, giving it a particularly metallic and dissonant sound.

    Anamnestic Tincture is released in an edition of 425 copies, with an
    original vintage snapshot mounted on each cover;