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  • detrop – con rit – robert & leopold

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    Early modular madness culled from their various live rehearsal tapes from the infancy of DeTrop. Strung together in the Spring of 2011 featuring members of York Factory Complaint & Ideal Forms, DeTrop has persistently kept its aesthetics alive while valuing the constant idea of evolution. From these tapes, you can hear the members wistfully piecing together their chops, tweaking their values and solidifying their domain, whether at sea or on land.

  • rust worship – optimistic – robert & leopold

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    Backwards musique mixed up in a noise car crash, cut up strands of sound are the only things Rust Worship can communicate with. Paul Haney’s solo performances resemble something mysterious and powerful, typical involvement gets brushed aside for pure immersion. Previous releases on Haney’s own Obsolete Units label as well as 905 Tapes & Tape Drift resemble Rust Worship as a marksman for sound and energy. This release catalogs 3 unique and diverse live sets by Rust Worship, first being a performance at the infamous Redlight District in far Rockaway, NY. Backend shows two performances in Ridgewood, NY included a special set from the Ende Tymes Festival in Ridgewood, NY.

  • black leather jesus – even deeper – robert & leopold

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    Punishment & sex in it’s least refined, the calling card for Black Leather Jesus and the nightmare they’ve left behind over the past 23 years. Formulated by Richard Ramirez (Werewolf Jerusalem), this was one Ramirez’s earliest concepts and foray into the collaborative “band” idea. Ramirez being the sole core member, Black Leather Jesus has had dozen of members phasing in and out of its ranks, always keeping the perverse steady had of autoerotic execution. Steady attacks of harsh noise, charging forward with each member’s contribution being piled on top of the last in a frenzied orgy of bondage electronics. Lesson learned, over and over.

  • pipeline alpha – demons and dances- robert & leopold

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    Reclusive German filmmaker turned tape slicer, Marcel Seeck has stacked his cards in favor of mysterious sound edits over contemporary structure. Using similar styles found amongst the likes of Pierre Schaeffer, Nurse With Wound & Jonty Harrison, Pipeline Alpha gives birth to Jarman-esque, transitional sound sculpture found only the hidden corners of perverse, surreal fantasy. Previous release on his own Amid The Waves label and notable jaunts on free-psych imprint DNT showed an Pipeline Alpha in rapid development, Demons and Dances allows for a fully realized story selflessly contained in his private Pandora’s Box.